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   Chapter 2235 The Lesson

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Although this group of people made quite a havoc in the Han Clan's territory, they were also well aware of what was more important.

It was nothing more than a basic prank. At first, when Keenan had started picking on Aleyna and Kelsey, he didn't have any intentions of hurting anyone.

When Zen stepped in, though, things became a little more subtle.

Although the Liu Clan's Floating Island didn't rank high, it was still one of the richest and most powerful clans. It was a great shame that Keenan had been fooled by a proving godly warrior using different Godly Ways.

If they were outside of the Time Sea, this might not have been a problem, as there was such a long distance between the wealthy clans.

But right now, these huge Floating Islands were close to each other. No matter what happened, the news would spread in the blink of an eye. Everyone knew everyone around here. Keenan was too pissed to swallow his fury.

At that moment, he felt very serious.

From the top of the silver flute, a bright silver light suddenly burst out. Numerous mysterious thin rays spread out from it.

Simultaneously, Zen felt there was something familiar about the burst of light: Chaotic energy.

Upon noticing the burst of chaotic energy, everyone present began to show signs of fear. The top-rank True Gods in the hall were no exception.

Anyone below a Holy Being's status was completely unable to resist the chaotic energy's erosion. Neither a consummate True God nor a Demi-holy Being.

Zen raised his eyebrows slightly. Seeing as the flute could emit such chaotic energy, it was logical to deduce that it was a supreme chaotic weapon. And upon noticing the nervous warriors in continuous retreat, Zen knew that Keenan's next move was bound to be extremely fierce.

'I sense trouble, ' he thought solemnly to himself.

At that very moment, Zen's dull eyes suddenly lit up. This time, not only did he refuse to retreat, but he rushed toward Keenan with speed and might.

The chaotic energy could be seen pouring out from the silver flute and it was slowly circling around, preparing a killing tactic. How could an ordinary person even dare to approach such danger? Even just a tiny amount of chaotic energy could, and would, be a problem.

Zen, on the other hand, didn't have to deal with this psychological burden.

The chaotic energy's poison wasn't harmful to Zen in any way. In order to avoid making himself too ostentatious, Zen gently twisted his body and found a gap to dodge through.

"Is that guy going to stop Keenan?!" someone shouted in surprise.

"He is much too bold. Encountering chaotic energy is far from being pleasant..."

have no right to call me that..." After saying such words, Zen suddenly began wriggling his body on the spot.

As he squirmed ceaselessly on spot, Zen activated the nine stars and motivated an enormous force.

Zen's movement wasn't extremely fast, but because of the power infusion, it was too heavy for Keenan to react. When he clenched Zen's arm, he felt a huge force escape it, which was much greater than that of anyone he had ever fought in his life before!

With the strength Zen was exuding from his arms, Keenan was soon tossed into the air toward the hall's ceiling by force.


A milky white glaze lamp was hanging from the hall's ceiling. Keenan smashed directly into the lamp, and it immediately shattered, falling to the ground in hundreds of sharp little pieces. Keenan, too, smashed violently down to the ground.

Before his body was even completely splayed out on the floor, Zen kicked him hard in the ribs.

Zen figured that since he had already offended this Keenan guy by defending Aleyna and Kelsey, he decided to teach him a good lesson. And what was more, Keenan had even tried to kill him!

If it wasn't for the fact that he had a couple scruples concerning the wealthy clan standing behind Keenan, he would have sliced him in half with his Great Weighty Sword!

With a roar, Keenan's body looked like a folded, half empty sack of flour. He went crashing into a wall on the other side of the hall, and his body sprawled helplessly out on the ground.

Everyone in the hall was now staring at Zen intensely. Previously, they hadn't cared about Zen's background or name. Now though, something had changed. Their hearts and minds were full of questions. When had this guy shown up exactly? And why had they never heard of him before?

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