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   Chapter 2234 Driven Mad

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The rich playboys of the wealthy clans were quite used to this kind of situations.

In fact, they meant no harm, as they only thought of it as a game.

However, this game would prove to be quite costly to the three sisters of the Han Clan.

The Han Clan was meant to be riding on the Leng Clan's coattails. Although the playboys mostly kept it to themselves, they despised the Han Clan in their hearts. They also had a tendency to create troublesome situations for others. They were quite keen on the politics of the Floating Islands as well.

They were aware of their actions and knew whom to avoid when they stirred trouble.

The playboys were unaware of Zen standing there. He wouldn't have caught their attention even if he was a top-rank True God, let alone a proving godly warrior.

Zen kept his head down and started walking towards them.

Since Zen was on the Floating Island, he didn't want to cause any trouble. He had no one to lean on and was weak. Provoking these guys didn't seem like a good idea as he could jeopardize everyone knowing his true identity, However, he couldn't just stand there and watch Aleyna getting bullied.

"How about that?"

When he was only seven or eight feet away from Aleyna, a great force made way through his feet and exploded.

Zen increased his strength in order to make up for the loss in speed. In the Evolutionary Universe, when everyone was flying back and forth, this was not much of an advantage, but in the divine land, it was extremely valuable and effective.

Due to that turbulent force, Zen's speed increased in an instant. His body started to lean forward. Few pieces of ice were condensed in his left hand, and a raging flame was seen in his right hand.

If Zen used the Great Weighty Sword combined with the Emotion Closing Godly Way, he would have been able to even kill Keenan.

However, the consequences would be quite severe once his Emotion Closing Godly Way was exposed.

Fortunately, Zen had stored a lot of Godly Ways through Infinity Ruler. Although, he was unable to cultivate anything during this time. He was also constantly thinking about the cooperation between these Godly Ways. He suddenly started waving his left hand just as he became fast.

The air was filled by sudden swishing sounds.

The ice cones in his left hand suddenly flew towards Keenan.

As Zen started to attack, he finally attracted the attention of people that were present there.

As Zen was only a proving godly warrior, the people over there didn't take him much seriously. After all, Aleyna was the strongest among the proving godly warriors, but she wouldn't have been able to d

me, some snowflakes drifted. The snowflakes covered the whole area, and suddenly it became cold there.

"Snow Godly Way!"

"This is the sixth Godly Way," someone exclaimed. "This fellow is quite mysterious."

"I know plenty extraordinary people, but I never heard of this person in the Han Clan before."

The playboys from the wealthy clans present were the most powerful and talented ones in the same realm. In their opinion, cultivating three or four kinds of Godly Ways was way too much work. And it would be a queer if they could display five or six kinds of Godly Ways casually. Moreover, this guy seemed to have cultivated much more Godly Ways than he had displayed.

Even though Keenan had been cornered by Zen, the onlookers had no intention of helping him. They were interested in seeing what Zen would do next.

Suddenly Aleyna intervened and stopped Zen in his tracks. She asked Zen to let her kill Keenan. Aleyna was not a softhearted person. Her cultivation base had restrained her strength, but she wasn't afraid of killing Keenan.

Aleyna hated Keenan ever since she was molested by him. She didn't want to standby watching idly as Keenan was getting killed. She wanted to be the one to kill him herself.

"Let me kill him!" Aleyna exclaimed.

Keenan felt quite dizzy and furious at the same time. Whenever he tried to get out of this difficult situation, Zen would come up with something new.

Keenan raised the silver flute in his hand and shoved it into the ground.


A streak of silver light suddenly flashed from the upper end of the silver flute which stunned the spectators.

"This isn't good."

"Keenan is mad now!" one said.

"Everyone, move back quickly!"

Everyone rushed back to safety when they saw this.

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