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   Chapter 2233 Harassment

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The rich clans had introduced many rules and regulations among them.

Some rules were written on the Ruling Slate, while some on the Hall of Holy Beings. Some were even the rules of the various rich clans and the sect rules.

There was also a rule among the young men from the rich clans.

The top-rank True God said to Grant, "Keep one thing in mind. No matter what you do to protect the princesses of the Han Clan, ensure you do not displease these children from the noble clans. Else you will be punished severely! If these warriors begin to fight with each other, you better stay away and watch from a distance. Don't involve in their fighting."

It was a set rule that servants were not allowed to engage in fights among the core disciples of the rich clans.

Aleyna was all set to challenge Zen who was appreciated for his remarkable talent by Kelsey.

However, she was now in a towering rage and rushed towards the nearest proving godly warrior.

To make matters worse, she had clearly heard the warrior make some crude remarks with lustful eyes. She vehemently despised such people and to top it, she was ranked second among all the proving godly warriors!


The two rays of red light elongated and transformed into a mesmerizing blood-red pattern. It charged towards the reckless proving godly warrior!

The pattern exuded an aura of murderous intent, creating an illusion of situating in the Abyss Demon Region. No matter where one stood, they would be affected by the surging malicious aura.

The top-rank True Gods and mid-rank True Gods seemed to be unaware about the turn of events. They were not affected by this aura.

But some of the low-rank True Gods felt their hearts suddenly race. Their blood pumped so much adrenaline that they were filled with an intention to kill others.

The proving godly warrior, Egbert Zhou, who was about to be covered by the blood-red pattern was the core disciple of the Zhou Clan.

The Zhou Clan's Floating Island was only ranked in the middle on the Time Sea. It could be regarded as a middle level island, but it was still guarded by a Holy Being. Although this clan did not showcase any extraordinary talent, they were socially active and were on good terms with other clans. It also maintained its own position and rank in the past few years.

Egbert Zhou never realized that the younger daughter of the Holy Emperor of the Han Clan was so stubborn and reckless that she was just randomly going to kill him for no fault of his.

The disciples from rich clans on the Floating Islands were all bossy and cruel by nature, but it was the first time that Egbert Zhou had met such a fierce and domineering woman. He was not prepared for such kind of behavior.

Even if Egbert Zhou managed to maintain his composure, he was still no match compared to Aleyna.

Aleyna was ranked second among the proving godly warriors, while Egbert Zhou was ranked beyond 80th. The two of them had confronted each other in the Arena of Legends twice, but Egbert Zhou lost in a very short period of time during each round.


iance stood in front of her.

Langston said coldly, "Aleyna is a little bad-tempered, and it's not a bad thing for her to spar with Keenan. Keenan has the sense of propriety and might drive some sense into her."

Hearing this, Laquisha felt outraged. "Spar with him?" She knew that all of those noble clan disciples were not only powerful, but also eloquent. She just said coldly, "Get out of my way!"

Langston shook his head and smiled. "You are not supposed to talk to me with that tone, but I still find it appealing!" he uttered.

Langston was not afraid of Laquisha's counterattack as he said those words. After all he was the top mid-rank True God, while Laquisha had just mastered the Godly Way. Laquisha was no match for him. Since Langston stood in front of Laquisha, it was impossible for the latter to make any move.

Grant who was in the hall was now sweating profusely. He was the guard responsible for protecting both Laquisha and Aleyna. Faced with the current dilemma, he felt helpless. What should he do? What if anything untoward happened to the two sisters of the Han Clan? He knew he would be in a very grave situation if he failed to protect them.

"Humph! How dare you bully my sister!"

Kelsey shouted angrily when she saw that Keenan Liu was bullying Aleyna with the silver flute.

But Kelsey's strength was inferior to that of Aleyna. It was an easy job for Keenan Liu to deal with the two girls. He enveloped both of them in the silver light that spread from his silver flute. All this while, he was stroking Aleyna's face from time to time, taking advantage of her position under the flute's spell.

When the other rich clan disciples witnessed this scene, they merely started laughing. They showed no intention to prevent Keenan Liu, and even made fun of Aleyna.

Zen had never expected that the situation in the hall would create such a turn of events. Earlier he had planned to leave without anyone's notice, but now, he realized it would be difficult to do so. He silently shook his head and walked towards Aleyna.

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