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   Chapter 2232 Playboys From Wealthy Clans

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If he really fought with Aleyna, he must learn to hide his moves, or he would be easily seen through.

But Laquisha was thinking the same as Zen. She knew that Zen's strength far exceeded the strengths of people at the same level as him, but he didn't have as many tricks. Now, Aleyna was much stronger than before, so she thought that it would be difficult for Zen to hide his tricks before her.

These thoughts wreaked havoc in Zen's and Laquisha's minds.

But the battle between Zen and Aleyna did not start.

Because at this moment, the door on the other side of the hall was pushed open with a loud bang.

More than a hundred people rushed into the hall. They weren't very strong but they exuded an extraordinary aura.

Some of these people were proving godly warriors, and the others were low-rank True Gods. Most of them were very young. While the proving godly warriors were only 16 or 17 years old, the low-rank True Gods were only in their early twenties. They were all dressed informally but their clothes were all very fancy. Some had cyan-winged phoenixes embroidered on their shoulders, while some had gold dragons on their sleeves. They must belong to influential clans.

In addition to these warriors, there were four top-rank True Gods, who were hiding their aura and keeping a low profile. What was more, they were only the bodyguards of some of these young people.

"No outsider is allowed to enter this place!" Grant frowned and stepped up to stand before them. He said, "It doesn't matter who you are. Please get out!"

Since the Princess Royal had come here, all the others on the Han Clan's Floating Island must avoid being seen. No resistance was allowed.

The fifteen year old man at the front shook his head and laughed as he said, "What? I can't hear you."

"This guy told us to get out! Ha-ha! Can you hear me now?" Another young man in blue whispered loudly to the young man in front of him.

"Fuck off! I think I'm going to be deaf!"

"Lower your voice. The two princesses of the Han Clan are here today.

Don't embarrass Lang!"

Now that these young people had stirred up trouble, the quiet hall had suddenly descended into a mess.

Grant's face darkened. He gritted his teeth and made to attack.

As a top-rank True God, dealing with these juniors was easy for Grant. But he had barely made a move when two top-rank True Gods blocked his path.

"Hey buddy. You'd better stay out of young people's businesses," one of them whispered threateningly to Grant.

"I just want to protect my princesses," Grant said flatly.

"Our young master can't be hurt either. Don't force us to do anythin

ay with the one she loved.

Although the divine land was large, how could Laquisha avoid being chased by a Holy Being?

They all thought that Laquisha would eventually compromise with her father after struggling for a while.

Langston was an outstanding young man. In the Arena of Legends, he had ranked among the top five mid-rank True Gods, and had never fallen out in all these years. Langston was the youngest son of the Holy Being of the Leng Clan. His status was no worse than that of Laquisha and it could be said that they were perfectly matched.

Langston greeted her warmly, but Laquisha was still pulling a long face and was avoiding looking at him.

As he watched Laquisha helplessly, Langston wanted to walk over to her. But Aleyna and Kelsey were staring coldly at him from either side of Laquisha.

"Stay away from her!"

"Fuck off!"

Although these two girls constantly fought with each other, they were very united when it came to guarding Laquisha against him.

"You two little girls, get out of the way!"

"The girls of the Han Clan are really beautiful. The two girls might become more beautiful than their sister when they grow up!"

"You can also ask your father to come here to propose marriage, can't you?"

The playboys were straightforward and even began to comment on Aleyna and Kelsey. They didn't dither before saying something harsh.

Even though Aleyna looked weak and feeble, she was tough, just like her mother. Their words brought her to the point of explosion, her round eyes widening as two blood shadows emerged from her hands.

The two blood shadows dragged in her hands like two shapeless knives, and she jabbed them towards one of the playboys.

She intended to kill them by using all her strength!

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