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   Chapter 2231 Suspicion

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Ever since Aleyna and Laquisha had returned from the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, they'd both been quite worried about Zen.

What was more, Laquisha had even tried to use her connections with the Jiang Clan in order to obtain a little information concerning the Evolutionary Universe.

Had this occurred in the past, the chances were she'd have succeeded. She did benefit from a high position in her clan, after all. It was easy for the Holy Emperor's eldest daughter to get information here and there from the Jiang Clan. This time, it was another story though. She gained nothing at all.

Because of Harold and his group, the Jiang Clan had equally lost control of the Evolutionary Universe.

As a result, she had no choice but to give up. There was no way she could travel to the Evolutionary Universe personally. Her father would never agree or allow such to happen.

Earlier though, upon hearing Kelsey provide news about Thad, she began to feel rather curious.

As of the moment the Luo Clan had been exterminated, less and less talents with Luo as their family name existed. Thus, it was kind of strange that a talent surnamed Luo had suddenly appeared. Moreover, if Zen really did come to the divine land, there was no way he'd actually use his real name.

On second thought though, the divine land really was very vast. Maybe Zen happened to arrive in the Han Clan's ancestral land and successfully passed the Heavenly Han House test. Maybe he happened to meet Kelsey in the Heavenly Han House, and Kelsey just happened to show off in front of Laquisha. And perhaps, Zen really was that person, only using an alias.

Was that even possible? The probability of such an occurrence was very slim, almost negligible. After figuring this out though, Laquisha didn't pay much attention to it.

As for the young girl named Kelsey, she went out on a whim and had a strong desire to win. In the past, she had searched high and low in the Holy Emperor City on several occasions for information about Thad, but to no avail. Ultimately, she gave up.

Nevertheless, today, she, Laquisha and Aleyna had all come to observe the rewards distributed by their father there, and they had happened to encounter Thad.

From her standpoint, Laquisha looked Zen up and down secretly.

Although Zen looked totally different now and even his aura had become stronger than in the past, Laquisha still felt like she recognized him. This feeling confused her deeply, for it was the first time they had ever met. Why did he give her such a familiar feeling?

"I didn't join the Holy Emperor City," Zen stated, shaking his head in negation. "I joined the Purple Soul Hall."

"What?!" Kelsey exclaimed. "You joined the Purple Soul Hall?" The corners of Kelsey's mouth twitched slightly and a strange smile spread

could be said that Aleyna, who ranked second among the proving godly warriors in the divine land, had extraordinary talent.

It was true that Kelsey had said that in the past, but she was reckless and less sensitive than Laquisha. She had already forgotten what she had said, and Aleyna didn't see any special thing in Thad. In other words, she hadn't connected Zen and Thad together whatsoever.

But as Laquisha reminded her, she remembered immediately, clapping her hands together at once as the thought flashed in her mind. "Oh, yeah, that's right! Kelsey, didn't you brag about this guy's strength every day a while back? You said he was stronger than me, huh? Thad, why don't we compete, right here, right now? Come on, hurry up! Let's do it!"

Aleyna was the type of person who always did whatever she pleased. And right now, her full intention was to compete with Zen.

Unfortunately for her, had she known that Thad was Zen, she would have never made such a silly choice. Although she was somewhat reckless, she was also very clever. Once Laquisha and she had come back, they took the time to secretly analyze Zen's background, and even read up on a little history that was hard for regular warriors to get their hands on.

The more they knew, the more astonished they became. It was at that point that they decided to keep this secret for themselves.

Aleyna had already been slightly aware about Zen's background and origin. Therefore, she knew very well that she was no match for him.

Now though, she wasn't thinking too clearly. Just a few seconds ago, instigated by Laquisha, she had offered to challenge Thad. At least, while they competed, Laquisha would be capable of using the time to retrieve more information and clues on Thad.

Zen looked at Laquisha helplessly. As long as he had to deal with Laquisha and Aleyna, nothing good would happen.

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