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   Chapter 2230 The Reunion

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The disciples of the Holy Emperor City knew that while the Han Clan had shown them great sincerity, they couldn't grasp it.

There was a distinction in rank and status between the disciples of the Han Clan's Floating Island—according to their born status, those disciples could be divided into four grades.

The disciples with other surnames were in the fourth grade, including Zen. But his situation was rather special.

Those in the third grade were members of the Han Clan sub-branches. These children differed little from the disciples at the fourth grade in strength and talent, but because they had 'Han' for a last name, they had to be taken care of by the Han Clan.

On average, the children of the main Han Clan belonged to the second grade. These kids were born and raised on the Floating Island. Unfortunately, their talent was mediocre at best and they lacked in strength, so their clan could only use certain resources to keep these children from being thrown out—they were clan members after all.

Those in the first grade, of course, were the elite children of the Han Clan.

These people were considered the pride of their clan, meaning that the Han Clan provided them with almost all their resources and efforts. As elites of the clan's next generation, they bore great expectations from their people.

The elites included Pascal, who had been in the limelight for years, and Laquisha, who had just become a low-rank True God.

Normally, these people seldom appeared in public, but they weren't invisible in the Arena of Legends. Compared to those in the same realm, they ranked extremely higher. Although this group of people made up only a fraction of the Han Clan's population, their points could often determine the ranking of the Floating Island.

The mid-rank True God explained it clearly—these five treasures were the best of the best, and the ordinary disciples of the island could only drool over them in the future. Those who could take the treasures out were destined to be the elite children of the Han Clan.

"Whether or not you're qualified, you need a fair rule, right?" Zen asked, his eyes crystal clear.

He was well aware that in this world, there was no such thing as absolute fairness. There was a huge gap in strength between all the Han Clan disciples. While on the surface, these treasures could be obtained by anyone, only a select few could even meet the conditions.

The mid-rank True God glanced at Zen with utter indifference—he figured that as a proving godly warrior, Zen was overestimating his own strength, so he reported the Han Clan'

"Thad, now that you've passed the great test of the Heavenly Han House, why didn't anyone from the Holy Emperor City pick you up?" she asked him all of a sudden.

Holding a high position in the Han Clan came with access to inside information—she knew that the house had recommended Thad to the Floating Island and that he was to arrive. But she had no idea that something had happened—because of the dispute between Yazid and Bentley, Zen was sent to the Purple Soul Hall in the end.

So the girl in green had come to the Holy Emperor City several times to investigate, getting no news that Thad had entered the city—it was rather odd, in her opinion.

She was on good terms with Aleyna and Laquisha, but the elites of the Han Clan weren't only good friends—they were also great competitors. When Aleyna and Laquisha encountered Zen in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, they came across a series of adventures. When the two girls returned to the Floating Island, they told the girl in green about the story.

She had been getting an earful about Zen's stories, seizing the Pristine Life Vitality, single-handedly fighting off a group of top-level elites from big clans of Floating Islands. A twinge of envy came when she heard the tales, for the two girls who met such a strange person in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land—she herself had grown very curious about the stranger.

After returning to the Han Clan's ancestral land, the girl in green met a genius named Thad Luo. Judging from his strength, she figured that even the big clans' elites couldn't measure up to him. The girl was barely sixteen, even younger than Aleyna, but her great competitiveness and ego had her bragging about Zen when she came back.

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