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   Chapter 2229 An Unexpected Discovery

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Zen didn't give Grover any time to think.

His goal was to end this battle as quickly as possible.

Grover's martial arts skill was very mysterious and there was no way Zen would be able to break it even if he came up with a clever method to do so.

Not unless he went the other route. As the saying went, "a man of great strength can defeat ten men of martial arts."

Basically, instead of brains, Zen could use his brute physical body in order to break his opponent's martial arts skill and then use his powerful strength to suppress them. He'd use his soul attack if necessary. With Zen's current strength, it was almost too unfair for the proving godly warriors to fight with him.

In the Evolutionary Universe, Zen could barely fight against Pranav and others like him.

Pranav was a low-rank True God but, because he was Murphy's disciple, his real strength was on par with mid-rank True Gods!

Given Zen's current strength, he would barely be able to contend against an ordinary mid-rank True God.

At this stage, he had no motivation at all to challenge warriors above his level. The additional, cumulative points awarded for successive wins were more appealing to him and it seemed a wiser choice to obtain points from fights with proving godly warriors in the Arena of Legends.

With his quick reflexes, Zen managed to grab Grover's hands and channeled his immense power towards his opponent. There was no resisting this attack and thus, Grover was brutally halved.

The victory inevitably went to Zen.

Despite his winning, Zen didn't think too much of it and quickly got out of the arena.

However, the moment he turned he was frozen in shock by the dense crowd that had formed behind him.

Hundreds of beauties stood staring at him. It seemed his match garnered quite a bit of attention and there were also numerous whispers from the crowd.

"Twenty seven consecutive wins..."

"His current opponents should be the most powerful proving godly warriors from the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands."

"His points are rising so fast! This battle gets him two hundred points!"

In the eyes of these female disciples, Zen was somewhat of a freak. He didn't possess the Purple Power Body yet he entered the Purple Soul Hall. Back when the master was speaking he casually stepped up and encouraged everyone, and now, they all discovered his real strength which was extremely powerful!

How long could he keep his winning streak?

After finding out that his battle with Grover easily earned him two hundred and forty points, Zen immediately wondered just how many points he'd manage to get if he kept winning.

Despite the gazes of so many beauties focused on him, Zen merely ignored them and continued to imme

treasure! I never expected the Han Clan to offer it as a reward."

Numerous mid-rank True Gods, and even some top-rank True Gods, salivated over the five treasures.

However, it wasn't the five treasures that attracted Zen per se.

No, he was instead focused on the bronze lion statue, rather, what it was placed on. Below the statue where it was prostrated was a huge, cyan plate.

This plate obviously had a bit of history. Zen didn't recognize the material it was made of but his inner world clearly showed a strong desire for it. This plate was actually made of that special mud.

His failure of condensing a Godly Tile had always been a cause of concern for him.

He got his chance back in Six-Burden Divine City but he had almost lost his life. It was just too difficult to find that kind of mud again.

If he couldn't find any more of that special mud then his cultivation level would be doomed at the world lord level. It was understandable that he felt extremely depressed by this.

Zen never thought he'd get another shot after finding this cyan plate here! He was extremely grateful that luck was in his favor.

These five treasures were all superior to the thirty-odd supreme primordial weapons below. The bronze lion statue also seemed to be the best reward out of the five which meant it was going to be extremely difficult to obtain.

"Sir, may I know the requirements to get this year's rewards? For example, the bronze lion statue at the top..." Zen asked the mid-rank True God beside him.

The mid-rank True God had been staring blankly at the treasures but was jolted back to reality by Zen's question. "Bronze lion statue? Oh! You mean the Golden Beast Statue! Those five treasures are only for the disciples of the main Han Clan. Ordinary people don't have the qualifications to obtain them."

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