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   Chapter 2228 Grover Mu

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By now, Zen's consecutive wins had quietly increased to twenty-six rounds

and according to the rules of the arena, his point advantage was terrifying.

Zen had only earned one point when he defeated Herman during the first round, but at the twenty-sixth round, he garnered one hundred and twenty points. At this point, he accumulated more than two thousand two hundred points.

In a single round, he could only gain three to six points at most. The reason Zen could accumulate so many points at a time was that his wins were consistent all throughout. He was winning rounds in a row, and this gave him point advantage.

Although the woman behind Zen was a low-rank True God, she had merely accumulated eight hundred points so far. Seeing Zen's undefeated record and the number of points he had made her feel lightheaded, as if she were in a dream.

Initially, the woman planned to rest for the meantime, but she decided against it. She wanted to see with her own eyes how Zen had accumulated more than two thousand points.

Generally speaking, the points of a proving godly warrior would be zero to six hundred, while the points of a low-rank True God would be 600 to 2, 000, and the points of a mid-rank True God would be 2, 000 to 8, 000. For some reason, the points of a top-rank True God and a consummate True God were insanely high, and some consummate True Gods could get as many as hundreds of thousands of points. There were some cases where they even reached millions.

At times, after entering the Arena of Legends for the first time, many talents who came from wealthy clans on the Floating Islands were able to gain points through consecutive victories. Zen had won twenty-six consecutive wins, while his points totaled to those of a mid-rank True God!

However, the points accumulated like this were quite faulty on a particular level. After winning consecutively, a warrior could backfire and lose most of their points if they lost in just one battle. Moreover, especially in the Arena of Legends, no one was ever guaranteed a victory.

After a few rounds, Zen had no idea that his own score began to attract the attention of others. Right after he activated his jade token, he fell into the Jade Wall of Legends.

"Gina, what are you looking at?"

Another woman noticed the woman lost in her tracks and asked her out of concern.

The woman, Gina pointed loosely at Zen. Her companion looked that way and was immediately shocked. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed. "Twenty-six consecutive wins, and more than two thousand points!"

As a proving godly warrior, it was shocking to see that he had over two thousand points. This was not something people saw very often, so it attracted a lot of attention. Moreover, it had not been long after Zen entered the Purple Soul Hall. The other warriors like him had only earned tens of points, but he was an exception.

Her exclamation garnered more and

y. In essence, it was obvious that Murphy crafted this skill especially for Grover Mu.

Murphy had even had Grover Mu's two short swords made for him, too. The left one was called White Fur, and the right one was called Silver Scales. These two swords were supreme primordial weapons tailor-made for Grover Mu. Did Murphy really love Grover Mu this much?

Grover Mu had fought at least a thousand battles in the Arena of Legends. Much like Zen, when he had just entered the arena, he was undefeated in battle. He had won twenty-one matches consecutively, and only after being defeated in the twenty-second round had he been given an official rank.

In the thousand battles of Grover Mu, no one could ever save themselves from the Silver Scales Slash.

Therefore, seeing that Zen didn't try to avoid the swords, he was immediately stunned. If Thad had seen enough of the world, he would have known the great power of his Silver Scales Slash, and he wouldn't have just stood there and offered himself up for death.

However, when the silver light that Grover Mu waved was one foot away from Zen, he finally jolted out of his place.

His body tensed up as he moved backwards, avoiding the silver light. At the same time, he stretched out his hands all of a sudden and took the light by his own hands.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

The white light sliced Zen's hands, making satisfying, crisp sounds. The swords were short, but extremely sharp. However, the Silver Scales Slash just left a few white marks on Zen's hands while it was supposed to do more damage.

As Zen blocked the rotation of the two short swords, he took advantage of the situation to grab Grover Mu's hands and stop him.

Grover Mu hadn't expected Zen to break his move in such a simple manner. His jaw dropped and he had no clue what to do.

At the same time, he also began to feel a huge surge of energy go through his fingers, up to his palms, and upwards his arms!

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