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   Chapter 2227 Win The Battle

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The moment the woman appeared, the atmosphere immediately shifted.

The inner worlds within the Purple Soul Hall disciples' bodies started to tremble slightly. Everyone's, of course, except for Zen's.

Joy had mastered the Purple Aura Godly Way so well that she had reached the level of Purple Sky Land, and thus, she could have a strong impact on the other Purple Power Bodies.

Once again, though, on everyone except Zen. His elixir field had no reaction at all.

Silence befell the platform in a split second.

A few well-informed female disciples had already received accurate news that

forced by Alfredo Han, the Purple Soul Hall had no other choice but to expel most of its disciples.

For the disciples in the Holy Emperor City, though, this was good news.

The disciples in the Holy Emperor City had long envied the Purple Soul Hall. And at the same time, they felt the overall situation was truly unfair. How come the women from the Purple Soul Hall had so many more resources despite their weaker strength?

All afraid of Joy, no one dared say anything, though.

Now that the head of the clan had ordered Joy to banish eighty percent of the female disciples from the Purple Soul Hall, they were quite content.

Recently, when these female disciples went to the Holy Emperor City, they were mocked by the disciples there, by a higher or lower degree. When they had originally heard the news, no one could believe their own ears. Later, though, they were informed that it was true.

In fact, their guess had been confirmed just by the expression on Joy's face.

A few of the women looked as though they were on the verge of tears, their eyes hastily turning red.

Some of them had already been staying in the Purple Soul Hall for many years. Although their strength hadn't increased much over this period of time, they had deep feelings of attachment to the people in the Purple Soul Hall. How could they ever feel willing to leave?

Sadness spread throughout the group. It wasn't long before someone cried out loud. Even Mae and the others, who were on the platform, were affected by the scene, their expressions contorted and eyes red.

"It seems that most of you are already aware," said Joy. "The majority of you have to leave in three months' time."

The Holy Emperor stipulated a deadline of three months. By the end of the next three months, the jade tokens of most of these disciples would be cancelled on the Floating Island, and all these people would be discharged from the island!

"All of the proving godly warriors must leave. Eighty percent of warriors at the True God Realm will equally be expelled," Joy continued.

Zen had heard of this in the past. He was quite disappointed to hear it again, especially coming from this Demi-holy Being directly.

He had just entered the Floating Island and had not yet had the chance to show himself. Was he already being driven out?

e depths of her eyes and in her soul.

Zen quietly found a Jade Wall of Legends a few days later.

Hundreds of people sat cross-legged beneath the Jade Wall and their bodies had completely fallen into the Arena of Legends. They were all focused on fighting, hoping to earn the most points in a terribly short period of time.

Many people were quite disgusted with the Arena of Legends. After completing the three mandatory battles every month, they usually wouldn't set foot anywhere near it.

But now, in order to stay, the disciples of the Purple Soul Hall had to raise their points and rank like never before in the Arena of Legends!

Soon, the Jade Wall of Legends in the Purple Soul Hall was overcrowded with people.

"I won another battle today. That means I now have two consecutive wins!" a woman exclaimed.

"Be careful. Once you've won two wins in a row, the opponent you meet in the next round won't be nearly as weak!" her companion reminded her.

"Yes, I know," the victorious woman replied.

Within the Arena of Legends, the rules were very fair. If you continued to win, the opponents you would encounter would become more and more powerful.

Zen waited for a long moment before someone finally put away their jade token and withdrew from the arena. It was the woman who had just spoken. Her jade token demonstrated that she had won two battles. Normally, the person who had won two consecutive rounds would take a good rest before facing the third battle.

As soon as the woman stepped out, Zen placed his jade token into the groove. The woman was a low-rank True God, and she was still immersed in the joy of her two consecutive victories. She looked at the Jade Wall with a casual expression on her face. After all, Zen's cultivation base was a level lower than hers.

In spite of her mood, when she saw that Thad had twenty-six consecutive wins, her mouth fell open so wide, her jaw could have touched the ground.

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