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   Chapter 2226 Measures To Save The Ranking

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In the Spiritual Heart Hall of the Floating Island of Han Clan, over a hundred important figures of the Han Clan gathered together. They were all sitting in a row in the capacious Spiritual Heart Hall.

In the middle sat the present-day leader of the Han Clan, Alfredo Han, while Joy, the Demi-holy Being of the Han Clan sat next to him.

She was sitting on a thick blanket, her elegant dress making her look like a royalty. She had a blank expression on her face as she gazed across the group of people.

Everyone went silent as Alfredo stood up. He directed his gaze towards Joy and said, "Joy, it is your Purple Soul Hall that is bringing us down this time. If we don't take the necessary measures, I am afraid the ranking of the Floating Island would drop further by two places." His voice was calm yet affirming.

The whole place fell silent.

As the Demi-holy Being of the Han Clan, Joy was only second to the Holy Emperor of the Han Clan.

Although Alfredo Han was only at the consummation of True God Realm, the Holy Beings of all powerful clans on the Floating islands never interfered in the affairs on the islands. The Holy Emperor of the Han Clan also trusted him and took his word for everything, never getting in his way unless it was a matter of life or death.

Everyone in the Han Clan knew how short-tempered and quick-witted Joy was. She had always been arrogant and rowdy. People wondered how Joy would react since Alfredo Han accused her in her face.

"It's not a big deal if the ranking drops," Joy said calmly yet distractedly, much to everyone's surprise.

Alfredo Han knew what Joy would say. "Joy, if the ranking of our Floating Island drops out of the top ten, not only we would lose a lot of opportunities, but our warriors would also suffer great loss. Surely you can't be serious?" He frowned, much to Joy's dismay.

Alfredo Han always tolerated Joy in the past. He had given the Purple Soul Hall many privileges. But his patience was running out.

He knew that the results would be catastrophic if the Han Clan Floating Island's ranking dropped by further two places. For this particular matter, he had sought the Holy Emperor's guidance who advised him to be stern, as far as Joy was concerned.

Joy couldn't care less. "Nonetheless, we the Purple Soul Hall can't do anything about it. Our female warriors are not as talented as the warriors of the main Han Clan, so expecting them to earn more points would be unrealistic," she proclaimed.

Only the best of the best got recruited by the Han Clan Floating Island. These warriors had to go through various difficult tests in order to get recruited by the Heavenly Han House. All of these warriors proved their worth in the Han Clan's ancestral land.

Joy on the other hand had a different criteria for recruitment: as long as one possessed the Purple Power Body and could be acknowledged by the Godly Way Tablet of the Purple Aura Godly Way,

urple Soul Hall. One of those disciples was Zen.

There were about thirty to forty thousand female disciples present in the hall.

Zen had heard about men who possessed the Purple Power Body in the Purple Soul Hall before but he had never seen one since he came here.

Zen looked around and finally saw two men with the rare Purple Power Body. They both were behaving like women, just like the eunuchs in the royal palace of the mortal world.

All in all, Zen quite possibly was the only real man in the Purple Soul Hall.

The door behind the platform was suddenly pushed wide open, much to everyone's surprise, and a group of top-rank True Gods emerged through it. Among them were Madam Moon and Mae.

The top-rank True Gods covered both sides of the platform.

A moment later, another woman walked through the door.

With Zen's knowledge, Zen could clearly distinguish among the low-rank, the mid-rank and the top-rank True Gods.

But the aura emitted from this woman was unfathomable and divine.

"Is this Joy?" Zen asked in his mind. "A Demi-holy Being's aura is quite extraordinary and overwhelming!"

However, as Zen complimented, Master Evil couldn't help but say, "This woman is not Joy. Joy is a Demi-holy Being of Han Clan, and her cultivation is only second to that of a Holy Being. This woman is actually a consummate True God, to be precise."

"Ah, I see," Zen felt a bit embarrassed by his lack of knowledge.

True Gods at the consummate level had perfected their own inner worlds, and only required to merge with the nine stars to create their own universes. Their strength was indeed unparalleled.

"This woman must be Joy's eldest disciple," Master Evil speculated.

Just as he finished speaking, another woman made her way through the door. She had an expression of distress on her face and the corners of her eyes were red as if she had cried. Her original charming and dignified face now revealed a hint of gloom.

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