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   Chapter 2225 The Everest Spirit Mountain

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The True Gods of the Floating Islands were different from those in the Six-Burden Divine City.

They were much richer than the True Gods outside the Time Sea and could explore forbidden lands with their points to obtain divine might coins.

Despite this, the hundreds of divine might coins that Zen had thrown away were a large sum to them.

Since they were on the Floating Island of the Han Clan, Zen knew they couldn't dare to act rashly. He didn't care about the divine might coins. All he wanted was to get news of Harold and Yan.

"If I tell you, all these divine might coins are mine?" The speaker licked his lips.

Zen, a proving godly warrior, had generously thrown out hundreds of divine might coins, because of which the True Gods had begun to feverishly speculate about his identity. They usually obtained only a few dozens of divine might coins from exploring a forbidden land. Even if they were lucky enough, they would only get about a hundred coins, and that was after risking their lives.

But now, they could receive such a large amount of coins merely by sharing a piece of news with Zen. Their greed knew no bounds.

"You want to know about the fight between Harold and the Jiang Clan, right? I know about it too. I can tell you," a True God said.

"Harold rules the Everest Spirit Mountain and has the ability to fight against Holy Beings. He led his men to fight the Jiang Clan a few days ago," another True God chimed in, his eyes fixed on the divine might coins at Zen's feet.

Although Zen had offered a lot of divine might coins, the True Gods wouldn't scramble for them. There were no fixed rules on the Floating Island, but no one dared act recklessly. Moreover, Zen had offered so many divine might coins at once that it made everyone wary about his background and power.

Harold's situation wasn't a big secret. The mid-rank True God had warned everyone to be careful when they had gone to the Everest Spirit Mountain. He hadn't expected Zen to offer so many divine might coins. When he saw the other few True Gods scrambling for the coins, his expression shifted. He stared at Zen as he said, "Don't listen to them. I have first-hand news. Most of them don't even know the inside story."

"Take the divine might coins. Let's talk about it somewhere else," Zen said coldly. He did not want to attract too much attention. He had taken an assumed name and called himself Thad, but he was still a Luo. His blatant inquiries about Mike's disciple would definitely raise doubts.

Although Zen was just a proving godly warrior, he was not inferior to the mid-rank True Gods in terms of aura. It was true that money made the world

ntrol of it. The Jiang Clan also knows this secret, so they launched an attack at a critical moment. In this case, Harold might die. Besides, the descendants of the Luo Clan who follow him will also die."

"What?" Zen was shocked.

Seeing Zen's expression, the mid-rank True God shook his head and said, "It's normal. Whoever fights against the Hall of Holy Beings usually faces a tragic end. Back then when the Luo Clan was defeated, Harold should have chosen a different great clan. With his talent, he might have become a Holy Being. But look where he has ended up now."

The mid-rank True God seemed to feel that it was a bit too much for him to have received so many divine might coins from Zen. He was still sighing with emotion about Harold when Zen turned around to leave. But before Zen took a step forward, he turned back and asked, "How many points do I need to enter the Everest Spirit Mountain?"

"Points needed for entering the Everest Spirit Mountain? You want to go in there?" the mid-rank True God asked incredulously, laughing.

"Yes," Zen nodded.

"As a sixth grade forbidden land, the Everest Spirit Mountain requires more than eight thousand points. Mid-rank True Gods like me can only wander around the mountain and don't dare to step in. The top-rank True Gods can fly, but it's hard for them to survive in the mountain. You'd better pursue the Godly Way first," the mid-rank True God advised Zen.

But Zen did not heed his advice.

His father hadn't made any arrangements after sending him to the divine land. So Zen had to fight his way out.

He didn't know what was waiting for him. This was a critical moment, when he had to decide which way to go. If he could meet Yan on the Everest Spirit Mountain, he would not hesitate to go there.

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