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   Chapter 2224 Four Great Forbidden Lands (Part Two)

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And since its establishment, the four great forbidden lands were declared as belonging to the Hall of Holy Beings. No True God was allowed to enter without the Hall of Holy Beings' permission!

Prior to such an occurrence though, everyone was allowed to enter and exit any forbidden land across the divine land.

This change caused everyone's dissatisfaction in the divine land. However, even though they weren't happy with this decision, who would dare challenge the Holy Beings' authority?

Originally, the Hall of Holy Beings only controlled the four great forbidden lands. However, as time went on, all kinds of forbidden lands of different sizes were placed under the Hall of Holy Beings' control.

The forbidden lands in the divine land were divided from first to sixth grade, according to the degree of danger. The four great forbidden places were sixth grades, and they were equally considered to be the most dangerous places in the whole divine land. These four great forbidden places were respectively known as Soul Wilderness, Everest Spirit Mountain, Swirl Forest, and Abyss Demon Region.

So far, the rich clans on the Floating Islands had explored the four great forbidden lands countless times, but still to this day, they didn't have a complete understanding of them.

While exploring the four great forbidden lands, it was even possible for a True God who had reached the consummate level of cultivation to die accidentally! The dangers here were not to be underestimated.

"Is the Swirl Forest also one of the four great forbidden lands?" Zen asked with wonder in his voice.

Master Evil nodded. "Yes."

"Then how did you ever escape from that place?"

Bromley's fairy palace was standing in the middle of Swirl F

to know more information about the matter you just mentioned," Zen said in a serious tone this time.

He didn't care about Harold in the least. Although Harold was one of his father's disciples, he had never met Zen. What Zen cared about was that Yan, his sister, stayed with Harold!

"Go away! You are just a proving godly warrior. You don't have the qualifications to know such information. Leave my presence and continue your cultivation!" The man waved his hand impatiently at Zen, trying to drive him away.

"Ha-ha! Little guy, you've got nothing more than an average cultivation base. Why do you want to hear these rumors so badly?"

"Entering the Han Clan's Floating Island is not an easy task. What you should try doing now is improving your cultivation base."

A few True Gods also mocked Zen. The appearance of a proving godly warrior had truly surprised them all.


As Zen gently shook his hand, hundreds of divine might coins poured out from his palm. Zen stared at the mid-rank True God and stated in a serious and flat tone, "Tell me the matter of Harold and the Jiang Clan. Then, I will give you all these divine might coins."

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