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   Chapter 2223 Four Great Forbidden Lands (Part One)

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After successfully passing Madam Moon's test, Zen was set free.

The female disciples who had entered the Purple Soul Hall were all focused on cultivating the Purple Aura Godly Way, in hopes to gain great achievement in terms of the Godly Way as quickly as possible.

Up until now, Zen had been having difficulties improving his cultivation base. More so, the Purple Soul Hall didn't keep the disciples under strict control and thus, everyone present had enough spare time on their hands.

Fortunately though, no one in the Purple Soul Hall had controlled Zen. These past few days, he swam around the Purple Soul Hall lazily, informing himself roughly about the disciples of the big clans on the Floating Islands.

There were seven Jade Walls of Legends in the Purple Soul Hall, including the one in the Nameless Hall which Zen had entered before. Each one of them had their names on the Jade Walls of Legends and could enter the Arena of Legends in order to challenge the others. Every month, everyone had the obligation to challenge three opponents. If they left the Floating Island that month, they still had to complete three challenges in a very limited time frame after they returned. Everything would be recorded dutifully.

For the most part though, the vast majority of True Gods were unwilling to challenge their opponents in the Arena of Legends. They were more willing to explore the forbidden lands and earn divine might coins through doing so.

This was with reason, however. There were just too many masters in the Arena of Legends, and the opponents selected based on their points often had the same strength as theirs.

If they were to be accidentally defeated, points would be deducted and it would be difficult to obtain the qualifications for entering certain forbidden lands. This exp

er a certain forbidden land, then one had to try their best to obtain the required number of points.

"The Demon Annihilating Forest. Ha-ha..." In Zen's mind, Master Evil revealed a look of envy. "It's so easy for these guys to enter the Demon Annihilating Forest. This world is just so unfair!"

"What exactly is the Demon Annihilating Forest?" Zen asked curiously.

Master Evil replied with emotion, "It's a second-grade forbidden land, but it's very small. In the past, before the Demon Annihilating Forest was controlled by the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands, many ordinary True Gods would enter it. In fact, even I was a regular visitor of it at the time. After a while though, even the Demon Annihilating Forest became occupied by the powerful clans. Alas..."

"A second-grade forbidden land? How many forbidden lands of this kind can be found in the divine land, anyway?" Zen questioned.

In order to reply to Zen, Master Evil simply introduced the division of forbidden lands within the divine land.

Ever since the Hall of Holy Beings had been established, it was in constant monopoly of the resources throughout the entire divine land, especially within the said forbidden lands.

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