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   Chapter 2222 Points

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It did not take much time for Zen to conclude the fight and emerge victorious.

Watching this feat, all the female disciples in the Nameless Hall were amazed.

It was beyond them to understand how Zen had won all both the battles with such ease. Were his opponents really too weak to hold on even for merely a few minutes while fighting with Zen?

"Is it possible for Thad to be more powerful than Shauna?"

"No, of course not! He cannot be compared to her! Shauna has mastered a Godly Way. Moreover, her points at that time were high, and the opponents she encountered were much more powerful."

"They are in completely different league zones. Thad has just entered the Jade Wall of Legends, and the opponents he encounters won't be that powerful."

The entire time, the female disciples were discussing among themselves in hushed tones.

Shauna, about whom they were discussing, was once considered the best cultivator among the proving godly warriors in the Purple Soul Hall. Not long after entering the Purple Soul Hall, she had shown her extraordinary talent. She easily won every battle after she entered the Arena of Legends.

Recently through her achievements, she had become a True God.

Despite all these accomplishments, they could not help but compare Shauna with the newcomer, who was showing some remarkable skills.

Madam Moon was not expecting this at all. With her typical skeptical attitude towards anything, she actually thought that there was something wrong with the Jade Wall of Legends. She was not ready to accept the fact that Zen completed two battles so quickly, with one lasing for a minute and the other less than 30 seconds.

The opponents that Zen encountered could not be really that weak. After all, this was the Floating Island, and his opponents weren't those ordinary divine citizens outside of the Time Sea.

It only meant that Thad's strength was far too powerful, and the difference in strength was enough to pulverize his opponents to mere pulp.

Madam Moon had in fact accepted Zen's strength, but she didn't say it out loud. She continued to frown as she said, "Go and fight again!"

Zen said nothing, as he turned to activate the jade token again.

As Zen was enveloped by a gentle light, Madame Moon began to count the time in her mind.

She still wanted to see if Zen was really that outstanding. Would it take only seconds for him to take every opponent down?

One, two, three...

In fact, Madam Moon was not the only one who was counting the time. The female disciples were also curious about how long it would take for Zen to finish this battle.

By the time they reached the 18th second, the figures on the Jade Wall of Legends changed. The gentle light that enveloped Zen disappeared, and he retreated from the Arena of Legends.

"Eighteen seconds."

"He has yet again won another battle and accumulated twelve points in total."

"His points surpassed even mine!"

In the Arena of Legends, the points were obtained from their opponents.

Technically s

en said in a stern tone, "Don't you know that the statuses of all of the Floating Islands on the Time Sea and all of the clans are decided by the Jade Wall of Legends?"

As Master Evil had said, the only reason they wanted to enter the Floating Islands was that all the entrances to the forbidden areas were controlled by the noble clans of the Floating Islands. It was extremely difficult for True Gods who were from the grass root level to enter the forbidden areas. They probably wouldn't get a chance even in their whole lifetime.

The warriors and True Gods in the Floating Islands had to fight to get a chance to enter the forbidden areas. The number of points they got was one of the conditions that could help them gain the qualification to enter those forbidden areas, and the requirement for the number of points varied in different forbidden places.

The points could not only help warriors obtain the qualifications to enter the forbidden areas, but the Han Clan would also offer very attractive rewards and even privileges according to the rankings of the warriors' points.

It could be said that the points in the Arena of Legends were only second to the divine might coins for the warriors on the Floating Islands. Sometimes, they were even more important than the divine might coins.

Madam Moon patiently explained all the details to Zen.

"Understood." Zen nodded.

It had to be appreciated that the powerful clans on the Floating Islands did find an effective method to motivate everyone to work hard after countless divine eras' exploration.

The Arena of Legends did not involve the Holy Beings. But if the strength of True Gods in a Floating Island weakened, the ranking of the Floating Island would also decline, which forced those Holy Beings to do their best to train the warriors on the Floating Island as well as their own disciples.

Zen would definitely earn the points in the Arena of Legends, but before that, he wanted to see the reward the Han Clan had to offer to the warriors.

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