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   Chapter 2221 Efficiency And Speed

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On the Floating Island of the Tang Clan, a young man in his early twenties walked out of the Jade Wall of Legends.

It was none other than Herman, the warrior who had just lost to Zen.

Outside the Jade Wall of Legends stood a dozen people from the Tang Clan, and among them was a middle-aged man with grey hair.

He had a square face, big eyes, long eyebrows, a long pointed beard, and faint flames on his forehead, which, when all combined together, gave off an intimidating aura.

This middle-aged man was Herman's father, Conrad Tang. He was a Demi-holy Being.

Herman returned to the Floating Island of his clan after his cultivation in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. This was the first time that he had stepped into the Arena of Legends.

Conrad had trained his son with great effort, so he was eager to see his son's performance. That was why he had brought his son to the Jade Wall of Legends.

Conrad had absolute confidence in his son's strength.

The proving godly warriors on the Floating Islands were not weak. But since Herman was a new arrival in the Arena of Legends, he was consecutively paired with other new arrivals. Hence, the opponents he met weren't very strong and he was able to win repeatedly. Conrad estimated that Herman could get at least ten consecutive wins in four hours, and that he would meet his real opponents only after twenty consecutive wins.

However, when Herman withdrew from the Jade Wall of Legends, green words slowly floated up from the bottom of the wall, indicating that he had lost.

"Herman was defeated?"

"Did he let his opponent go on purpose?"

"Did he meet a talent from another big clan?"

The True Gods present looked at one another, unable to make sense of what was happening.

Of course, no one was as surprised as Conrad was. "Nobody at the same level as Herman can defeat him and his powerful body. So how could Herman lose in the very first round?"


The light on the Jade Wall of Legends that enveloped Herman disappeared. With a gloomy expression, Herman stood up from the ground. His mind was blank.

"Herman, what kind of opponent did you encounter? Why were you defeated in the first round?" Conrad asked worriedly.

Although Conrad was a Demi-holy Being, he didn't have many sons. Herman was the most talented son he had in recent decades. Therefore, he cared about him very much.

The True Gods around them all curiously turned their attention to Herman, wanting to know what had happened. This was a result that none of them could have predicted.

Herman pouted and said helplessly, "Father, it was my bad luck. I ran into a monster in my very first round."

"A monster?" Conrad and the others were stunned to hear this. "Do you mean he was very powerful? How did he manage to withstand your great strength?" Conrad asked in dis

d, he might not be so lucky in the next round. Perhaps he would have to face a talent from a big clan. In that case, he would definitely lose. Madam Moon was actually trying to embarrass Zen by asking him to win five consecutive rounds.

The female disciples felt indignant on Zen's behalf, but no one dared to speak up for him.

However, Zen did not hesitate even a little. The battle he had just won was not even a warm-up for him. After he turned around, he activated the jade token again and entered the Jade Wall of Legends for the second time.

In the illusory space, his second opponent appeared.

This time, his opponent was a rough-looking man with a fierce expression on his face. As soon as he appeared in the arena, he opened his mouth with the intention of saying something malicious to threaten Zen and shake his morale.

However, the words he had prepared in his head didn't even leave his throat before he found himself crushed under Zen's foot. "You're much weaker than my first opponent. The disciples of the wealthy clans are far inferior to what I have imagined," said Zen, shaking his head.

"You, you..." The man under his foot kept struggling.

Zen looked down at the man and smiled. "By the way, aura doesn't come from your mouth. It's a reflection of your strength!" With these words, Zen pressed his foot down harder on the man, and soon, he heard the crack of bones breaking. The second battle was over.

Zen's first battle in the Arena of Legends had lasted only for about a minute, including the time Herman had sprouted nonsense.

Now, his second battle had lasted less than that: a mere 27 seconds.

Madam Moon saw Zen activate his jade token and enter the Arena of Legends under the glow of light. But before she could even come back to her senses, Zen had already finished the battle. The Jade Wall of Legends showed that he had once again won.

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