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   Chapter 2220 The Arena Of Legends

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Madam Moon hadn't got the slightest idea about Zen's origins.

And although she wasn't considered popular in the Purple Soul Hall, she was actually an important figure.

While the Purple Soul Hall didn't determine one's importance according to seniority, and all female disciples were like sisters, basic rules still had to be observed.

That was why Joy granted Madam Moon such great power, which granted her a status similar to that of the elders in some sects who enforced the laws. In addition, she came to grow subconsciously suspicious of some people, which came with her many experiences.

Indeed, Joy had personally allowed Zen to enter the Floating Island of the Han Clan and that Mae had paid a visit to the Han Clan's ancestral land--but Madam Moon thought that she had to help her master check up on Zen.

"Your opponent?" Madam Moon sneered. "There are too many! But here in the Jade Wall of Legends, you can choose them at will."

"But how do I find my opponent?" asked Zen. His eyes drifted to the huge Jade Wall of Legends once again. He truly was confused, but he did have a rough plan of how to do it in his mind.

"Just put the jade token I gave to you in front of the Jade Wall of Legends," Madam Moon said and pointed towards the distance.

After that, Zen followed the direction where Madam Moon had pointed and walked towards the Jade Wall of Legends. Only then did he find that the area below the Jade Wall was not a level ground, but had many small grooves. He pulled out the jade token that Madam Moon had given him and placed it in one of the grooves. At the same time, he activated the jade token.


The moment the jade token was activated, a ripple disturbed the smooth surface of the Jade Wall in front of him, and the name "Thad Luo" appeared on it.

Zen had assumed the name of "Thad Luo" to enter the Floating Island. After the Purple Soul Hall had used that name to register him, it was that same name that appeared on the Jade Wall as well. In addition to his name, it also recorded the number of the round he had taken part in and his point. In his case, both the numbers were currently zero.

Just then, a beam of light came out from the Jade Wall of Legends and enveloped him within it.

"This beam of light..." he muttered.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up as if he seemed to have realized something.

It wasn't the first time he had seen such kind of light. Back when the Evolutionary Universe had held a competition for the world of chaos, they had claimed that its purpose was to select talents in the world of chaos when in reality, they had used the trillions of warriors who had participated to temper the Godly Geniuses through fights.

During that time, he had relied on that same kind of light to engulf him so that he could enter the Illusion Battlefield.

It was highly possible that his father had created the Illusion Battlefield based on the Jade Wall of Legends in the Floating Islands. After all, his father dominated the Evolutionary Universe, and the Illusion Batt

he soul pressure that burst out from Zen's eyes. For a moment, he felt disdainful.

However, that feeling only lasted for a second. When Zen turned his stream of soul pressure into a sharp arrow and immediately rushed into his mind, he realized that the soul pressure was much more powerful than he had imagined.

It turned out that he was the stupid one, and not his opponent!

Moreover, he was the unlucky one, and not his opponent as well!

Many others thought that Herman Tang was the new, shining star of the Tang Clan. He himself had also claimed to be an invincible proven godly warrior, but he had never thought that he would fight a freak with such a strong soul in his first battle no less!

As the son of a Demi-holy Being, Herman Tang was quick to react. He had a much better reaction time than the proven godly warriors from the masses. In fact, the proven godly warriors on the Floating Islands were more than one level stronger than those from the other places in the divine land--but it was clearly because all the talents of the whole divine land were gathered in the Floating Islands above the Time Sea.

When Herman sensed that Zen's soul pressure was too strong, he had thought of a counterattack. He knew that his opponent would immediately launch a deadly attack after he had hurt his soul.

Zen had used the same skill to defeat Eric back when he was in the Brilliant Moon Restaurant.

Then again, Herman Tang was much stronger than Eric. With gritted teeth, he almost used up all his strength to retreat in an attempt to avoid Zen's deadly attack.

Unfortunately, even though he had predicted it beforehand, he still failed to dodge it.


Zen's fist hit Herman Tang square on his body. He aimed his punch directly at his opponent with no frills, but his punch was far from what Herman Tang could bear.

'His speed, strength and soul are far beyond my imagination. Is he really a proven godly warrior?'

A confused look was written across his face, before his body disintegrated.

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