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   Chapter 2219 Jade Wall Of Legends

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Zen couldn't help but raise his eyebrows at the sight of three beautiful women being beaten so miserably in front of him.

The atmosphere in the Purple Soul Hall was, according to Mae, supposed to be relaxed but it seemed there was a cruel side to it as well.

Madam Moon mentioned something about ranking in the bottom three hundred. It seemed to be a mission from the Purple Soul Hall that these three women failed to complete, hence, their punishment.

After the accorded lashes, Madam Moon then patted her hands gently.

It was then that a woman from the Dream Pavilion came in with a porcelain plate containing three, blood-red pills.

Madam Moon snorted at the three women. "Take these Blood Flesh Restoring Pills!"

These pills were certainly not common. Even if they were quite far away, Zen could still smell the medicine's strong fragrance. There was no doubt that these pills were refined by a very powerful pill refiner.

However, despite being presented medication, the three women turned even paler at the sight of the pills.

"What's going on?" Zen asked in his mind.

"She is really cunning. The Blood Flesh Restoring Pill is terrific for restoring flesh, curing wounds, and improving the overall physical strength of the body. However, it is extremely painful to swallow," Master Evil explained with a laugh. It was a cruel method he had also used to punish disobedient subordinates. He often gave them such kind of medicine as a "reward."

The three women looked miserable but their wounds were only physical. World lords like them would not take long to regenerate and recover from such injury. There was no need for a Blood Flesh Restoring Pill.

It seemed that these pills were part of Madam Moon's punishment.

None of the women were willing to take the medicine but, because of the pressure from Madam Moon, they had no choice but to swallow the pills.

Immediately after swallowing, the three began to tremble violently. A large spray of blood burst from the wound and their faces all contorted in extreme pain!

Blood on their skin began to condense and gradually formed scabs. A blood cocoon soon wrapped around them and not once did their screams cease. By the time they emerged from their cocoons, their wounds would all be healed.

These female disciples were young and hadn't trained that hard before coming to the Floating Island. Such cruel punishment most likely made a deep impression on

s is only a list of people's strength?" Zen asked Master Evil in his mind.

Master Evil shook his head. "It's not that simple. Look at the dense names at the bottom. Some of them seem to be constantly moving."

Zen looked and, as Master Evil had said, some names did move downwards while a few moved up.

"Could it be that the Jade Wall of Legends has the magical ability to rank everyone automatically on the Floating Islands? That's amazing!" Zen remarked with the slightest hint of disbelief. One could perhaps measure a creature's cultivation base but their strength was something that could only be proven through actual combat. A high cultivation base did not necessarily equate to more power as Zen had proven time and again.

"It's impossible. Not even the Ruling Slate can do that, let alone the Jade Wall of Legends," Master Evil agreed.

As the two discussed the use of the Jade Wall of Legends, Madam Moon turned around and stared right at the young man. Zen immediately stiffened under her gaze. "Master said that the genius especially recommended by the Heavenly Han House does not need to be examined by the Purple Soul Hall. She seems to be very confident in you. I doubt that though. I don't know by what means you've used the Purple Aura Godly Way. You still need to prove your strength. If you can't even defeat the weakest opponent, I will tell my master and kick you out of the Floating Island!"

The aggressive aura she emanated quickly made Zen feel helpless. She was definitely an old woman who thought too highly of herself. Zen looked around and asked, "Where am I going to find my opponent?"

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