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   Chapter 2218 Madam Moon

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The large clans on the Floating Islands got 80% of the resources in the divine land.

The countless second-tier and third-tier clans took up 15%.

And the vast majority in the divine land, the divine citizens, shared the remaining 5%.

If the divine citizens wanted to achieve something great, they needed to enter various divine cities and climb up the pyramid through the proving godly houses. And those with remarkable talents had a chance to enter the Floating Islands and obtain valuable resources.

"The most important resources are in the forbidden lands," Master Evil emphasized. "Divine might coins and all sorts of rare treasures are in them. However, almost all the entrances to the forbidden lands are controlled by the large clans on the Floating Islands. Ordinary citizens, even True Gods, have no chance of getting in."

"I was lucky to enter the Soul Wilderness once," Master Evil reminisced with a shake of his head. "And because of this rare opportunity, I obtained rewards that were almost equal to my efforts in several divine eras!"

Master Evil had just become a mid-rank True God then. He didn't have much strength or influence and he was barely known in the Vast Sky Region but one day, he joined a group of powerful warriors from large clans and followed them into the Soul Wilderness. He had suffered a lot in that place, but found it all worth it in the end as he obtained spoils that helped him reach the top level of a mid-rank True God.

Since then, Master Evil managed to make a name for himself in the northern part of the Vast Sky Region.

In fact, with his power and influence, he could have established a third-tier clan. However, given his reclusive and single-minded tendencies, he never did such a thing and instead, set his mind into becoming a top-rank True God.

The True Gods living on the Floating Islands practically had endless resources, and still, it was difficult for them to become a top-rank True God. And for the True Gods born as divine citizens like Master Evil, every step they took towards the top of pyramid was as difficult as crossing a natural chasm!

Master Evil had his chance with the Stone Mouse but when things did not go according to plan, he had landed in such a pathetic situation.

"The forbidden lands are more important than I have expected," mumbled Zen, lost in thought.

Master Evil chuckled. "Although I hadn't been to

Zen grew impatient every passing minute but willed himself to listen and school his facial expressions.

When Madam Moon finally finished, she turned to the group of women warriors in the corner. It was then that Zen realized how "kind" Madam Moon was acting with him.

"Those who rank in the bottom three hundred this month, stand out now!" Madam Moon ordered in a thundering voice.

Three of the women warriors felt chills up their spine and began to tremble when they heard her words.

"I said now!" Madam Moon roared.

The three women dragged themselves out of the crowd with shaking legs as the rest looked at them with pity.

Madam Moon then waved her hand and a purple aura condensed in front of her. Zen couldn't stop his eyebrows from rising at the sight of her purple power. Madam Moon truly was a legend in the Purple Aura Godly Way, and her internal momentum was no doubt pure and powerful.

As the purple power gradually condensed, it slowly morphed into a thorny purple vine.

"Please have mercy on us, Madam Moon!"

"We will strive to perform better next month!"


The three girls sobbed as they begged for mercy.

Madam Moon didn't budge at all. She waved her hands and the purple vine shot out, filling the room with sharp crisp sounds reminiscent of a hail storm.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

In the blink of an eye, Madam Moon had cracked the vine whip hundreds of times!

The girls' clothes were ripped to shreds and their bodies were covered in thick red blood. Save for their faces, every inch of their flesh was mangled and torn to pieces.

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