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   Chapter 2217 Rules Of Ruling Slate

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"Hallet? Augustus?"

It was the first time that Zen had heard of those names.

"Yes. Although Bromley is a Holy Being, his descendants didn't flourish and the number of Gu Clan's members is small. However, the two disciples he has taken are quite outstanding. His first disciple, Hallet in particular, is most likely to become a Holy Being," Master Evil explained.

Hallet was the first disciple, and Bromley's another disciple called Gus who Zen had seen before was his second disciple.

"With these two men taking care of you on the Time Sea, you should have been able to do whatever you want," Master Evil joked. "Unfortunately…"

When it came to one's background, Zen had a higher starting level than many core disciples from numerous wealthy clans.

Unfortunately, Zen's opponent was too strong.

In any case, his first concern was Murphy and even the whole Hall of Holy Beings as well.

Even if Hallet and Augustus were very powerful, they might not be able to protect Zen if he just showed up randomly.

"Clearly, now isn't the right time for me to find them," Zen said with a shake of his head.

The relationship among Mike, Bromley, and Jay might be known in the Hall of Holy Beings. Mike had been expelled, Bromley wasn't in the divine land, and Zen did not know about Holy Jay's whereabouts. Therefore, Bromley's disciples were likely to be under Murphy's watch. Thus, Zen wasn't so stupid as to show up suddenly.

"Well, it is not suitable to meet them on the Floating Island, but because of this relationship you have with them..." "Of course, there will be opportunities in other places," Master Evil said with a mysterious smile.

Upon hearing those words, Zen's eyes went wide. "Other places?" he asked.

Master Evil continued, "You don't know much about the divine land. Well, do you remember asking me about the use of the divine might coins?"

Zen's eyes lit up at the memory, "Right, you said you will tell me the use of the divine might coins when we get to the Floating Island. Well, now is the time."

Ever since he became familiar with the customs of the divine land, he had great doubts about the divine might coins.

The black discs didn't look too valuable, but their exchange value was quite high. Even if a proving godly warrior had worked hard for so many years, it was still difficult for them to obtain a divine might coin. Therefore, such a currency was deemed as unimaginable in the universe.

It could be inferred that the divine might coin wasn't a currency released by a clan. Thus, it was safe to say that the divine might coins were very important and could play a great role on all the third-tier, second-tier and even the first-tier clans.

"Ha-ha! Do you know what is the most powerful in the divine land?" Master Evil laughed. Until this point, he still intended to keep Zen on his toes.

"Holy Beings?" Zen asked tentatively. Ma

tly write 'kill everyone in the Hall of Holy Beings'? Then this world will be yours, right?" he asked.

"Well, why not," said Zen seriously.

"Do you think those Holy Beings are all fools? You are not the only one who had the idea. With so many divine eras that have passed, do you know why no one ever wrote such a rule?" Master Evil asked in return. Of course, Zen would never think that those Holy Beings were fools.

Surely, there must be a reason.

"It needs an astronomical number of divine might coins to write a rule on the Ruling Slate. Even the wealthy clans could hardly accumulate enough divine might coins to write a rule once, and the rules on it are already divided into many levels. The rule you said is too unimaginable, and the cost of divine might coins is also unimaginable. So, such a rule cannot be written down even with all the divine might coins of the wealthy clans. Am I clear?" said Master Evil. Master Evil shook his head. "The numbers of divine might coins that different rules need are also different," he said.

Zen nodded at the explanation. Had any Holy Being written an invincible rule, they would be undefeated in the divine land, and the current divine land would not be what Zen saw now.

What Master Evil had said suddenly enlightened Zen. No wonder every clan placed so much importance on the divine might coins. Those coins did have an irreplaceable role in the divine land. At the same time however, he had a new doubt about them.

"These divine might coins don't look like ores. Where did they come from?" he asked. When he was in the Eastern Region, those cubic crystals came from the mines.

Meanwhile, the life vitality crystals and life vitality jades were condensed from the vitality between heaven and earth. Was it possible that divine might coins were also dug out from mines?

"That's why everyone wants to go to the Floating Islands," Master Evil said with a smile.

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