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   Chapter 2216 Enter The Purple Soul Hall

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The clouds around the Floating Island of the Han Clan were unmoving and unnaturally quiet. It brought about a mysterious atmosphere, almost too calm to enjoy.

Just then, Zen was on the disk and gracefully rose up into the sky.

As he stood there, he looked down at the Time Sea. From up there, the Floating Islands below resembled a pearl necklace floating majestically above the ocean.

He even caught sight of the center of the divine land.

However, he could not seem to figure out where the Hall of Holy Beings was because of the thick clouds that surrounded him. For all he knew, formidable power could have been contained in those clouds, but it was too difficult to see through them.

As he kept on moving and searching around, the disk he was on finally approached the giant Floating Island of the Han Clan.

Once it landed, Mae jumped off first in pure excitement. Zen followed suit and leaped off. As soon as they were off the disk, it hovered into the air and automatically flew back to its dock at the bottom.

Mae continued to lead Zen forward. "You can enter the Floating Island because you have a Purple Power Body," she explained. "But I'll take you to the Purple Soul Hall first."

The Floating Island of the Han Clan was divided into two separate parts. The members of the Han Clan took up most of the area, while one-sixth of the entire island belonged to Joy. Joy, the Demi-holy Being of the Han Clan, built the Purple Soul Hall on the island, so it did not have any connection or relation to the Han Clan at all. It was solely Joy's place, and she was the master.

Because Zen was not yet part of the Han Clan, Joy freely invited him to the Purple Soul Hall.

"I do not seem to have a Purple Power Body..." Zen said with concern in his eyes.

Mae responded, "I know, but as far as I'm concerned, you can cultivate the Purple Aura Godly Way. You probably have the Purple Power Body already."

Zen didn't know what to respond. He was not planning on explaining the matter of the Infinity Ruler, because that would be an easy giveaway. If she thought that he had the Purple Power Body, then he decided it would be best to just let her believe so.

All along, Zen thought they were going to the city. However, Mae made a detour and didn't bring him there at all.

Not long after, they finally reached their destination—the Purple Soul Hall.

The Purple Soul Hall was a very large, glorious, and luxurious place. There were beams of purple light slowly flowing in random patterns with unique energies and auras. Zen even suspected that the entire palace was formed through the Grand Purple Aura Technique.

"Mae, you're back?"

As soon as they reached the gate, a woman dressed in blue walked up to them in a hurried pace.

She had the cultivation base of a low-rank True God, yet did not seem so intrigued to meet Mae, a top-rank True God. She just greeted to her casually, as if they were longtime friends. At the same time, she glanced at Zen who was behind Mae, and a

the Purple Soul Hall under any circumstances anyway.

At night, the thick fog still hovered over the Floating Island, but it lightened a little bit compared to earlier in the day.

With the dim moonlight, Zen could tell the giant islands above him, looking like giant meteors in the sky. They were the Floating Islands of other several great clans.

"The Luo Clan has its own Floating Island. As a Holy Being, my master must have one island too. Why didn't I see his island on the way?" Zen asked Master Evil.

Although this was the first time Master Evil had ever entered the Floating Island, he was possibly already knowledgeable about these things because he had lived in the divine land for a long time.

"Ha-ha! Holy Bromley is very formidable, even though his clan is not regarded as very powerful. Although he has only accepted two disciples, they prove to be top warriors with extraordinary strengths. With these two remarkable disciples alone, the Floating Island of the Gu Clan always managed to be ranked as one of the top five islands. That was the situation before I was taken away by Bromley. I have no clue of what is its ranking now. But, I know that it must be above the Han Clan's island," Master Evil explained. He didn't know much, but this was already common knowledge.

"So this means that the Gu Clan's Floating Island is located at a higher place..." Zen responded as he absorbed everything Master Evil said.

When he heard Master Evil mention the two disciples of his master, Zen suddenly recalled the time he met Gus along his journey on the True Path. At that time, Gus had given Zen some advice and recommended the Eight Smoky Melodies, Thunderbolt Annihilation and Enemy Repelling Arts for Zen to cultivate.

"I don't know the actual names of my master's two disciples," Zen uttered.

Hearing this, Master Evil let out a soft chuckle. "As the junior fellow disciple of Augustus Yu and Hallet Jing, you don't even know their names? You truly are quite a joke, Zen."

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