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   Chapter 2215 Meet Quentin Again

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As the son of a Holy Being, Zen could be considered a member of a noble clan.

Zen had heard of the noble clans of the Floating Islands before, but he had never imagined what the real Luo Clan would look like.

It had never occurred to him that the Floating Island owned by the Luo Clan would be in such a state when he first laid eyes on it.

How prosperous had this island used to be?

How many disciples, True Gods and talents had the Luo Clan once had?

Now though it had been turned to ash. What was once full of life and color was gray and listless.

Mae was talented when it came to reading other's facial expressions. Even a minute change would not escape her notice. Taking in Zen's expression, she smiled and said, "I forgot that your surname is Luo. Are you a member of this clan?"

"A member of the Luo Clan?" Zen was slightly stunned at the question. He smiled and shook his head. "Of course not. My surname just also happens to be Luo. It is sad though," he said, turning back to the scenery before him. "Seeing the state of the clan."

Although the storm in his heart was raging, he did his best to keep it from showing on his face. He needed to be calm.

The Luo Clan had lost the support of the Holy Beings, and it did not take long for their island to fall into disrepair. The noble clans were eager to draw a line between them and anyone that had something to do with the Luo Clan. If Zen admitted that he was a member of the clan he would only cause trouble for himself.

"Of course. If you were a member of the Luo Clan, you would have known what had happened to this Floating Island," Mae said indifferently. There were many divine citizens whose family name was Luo throughout the divine land. Mae had no reason to doubt Zen's words.

"What happened on this island? Why would it have ended up like this?" Zen asked.

He was extremely curious as to the answer.

The only thing Zen was aware of was that his father had offended the Hall of Holy Beings, and that he had a terrible grudge against Murphy. Even knowing that, he still didn't know the true reason.

"This is the punishment from the Ruling Slate. Mysterious bolts of lightning had attacked the Floating Island. They were enough to completely destroy the entire island," Mae said.

Zen nodded and asked, "Why would the bolts of lightning attack the Floating Island? What did the Luo Clan do? Who had they offended?" The questions just seemed to pour out of him.

Zen wanted to take this opportunity to get more information. That way, he could also eliminate Mae's suspicion of him. After all, he really knew nothing about what happened to the Luo Clan, which worked in his favor.

Her answer was a disappointment though.

"This was a fight between the Holy Beings, True Gods would not be privy to that information." Mae shook her head. It was believed that Mike had betrayed the Hall of Holy Beings in the past, and no one knew his motivation for doing so. It had been buried and hidden like a dirty secret.

After so many years, the Luo Clan had almost been forgotten by many of the Tr

familiar with all the happenings in the Qin Clan, and could talk about it with great familiarity.

"He lost to a secondary creature. It seems that it would be difficult to find the person," Zen echoed. A strange feeling began to settle in his chest. He wondered what Mae would think if she knew that the secondary creature that Quentin was searching for was him.

"Of course he can't find him," Mae replied with a smile.

Since the restriction of the Wishing Spell was blocked by the Holy Emperor of the Qin Clan, Quentin's ability to identify Zen was weakened. It was why Quentin had only felt slightly strange when meeting his gaze.

What a strange set of circumstances. If the Holy Emperor hadn't interfered, Quentin would have recognized Zen right away. No matter how much Zen's outer appearance had changed, it wouldn't change the fact the magic of the Wishing Spell would recognize its target.

Although Quentin had become a True God with the aid of the Holy Emperor, he gave up the one thing that would have helped him fulfill his wish. It was unfortunate for Quentin, as this would have been the perfect opportunity for him.

The small disc that carried Quentin and the others suddenly changed direction, and headed towards a massive Floating Island off in the distance. It was owned by the Qin Clan, which happened to be ranked eleventh in the Time Sea.

As they floated away, Quentin couldn't stop himself as he looked over his shoulder to look at Zen again. He couldn't shake the feeling that something important was right in front of him.

The Floating Island of the Han Clan was ranked tenth in the Time Sea, so it was higher than that of the Qin Clan.

They only rose for a short moment when the vast island of the Han Clan finally appeared before him.

Each clan's Floating Island had a style all their own. Some had a style that was a little more wild while others liked to have a more delicate look. The Han Clan liked their island to be delicate. It was inlaid with white jade, making the entire island look incredibly elegant.

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