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   Chapter 2214 The Luo Clan

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The old man of the Sun Blind race didn't tell Zen what had happened back then, nor did he tell him what the Emperor Resentment actually looked like.

In fact, the Sun Blind members were people of few words. They ferried people on the Time Sea, but they seldom spoke with their guests.

In other words, it was already pretty obscure for the old man to be talking so much with Zen.

Ultimately, the old man ended up inviting Zen to his race in the Astronomical Transit Day.

Zen was curious about the Sun Blind race, and thus he accepted the invitation without a second of hesitation. He didn't feel anything strange in the moment, but when he arrived at the Floating Island, he realized that even the ordinary warriors on the Floating Islands had never been invited by the Sun Blind race before.

Two hours later, the scenery around the boat vanished.

From their point of view, it appeared as though nothing else existed between heaven and earth on the boundless Time Sea, nothing except the elderly man, Zen and the boat.

Unknowingly, Zen began to fall into an extremely tired and sleepy state. He couldn't help but yawn continuously.

In his mind, he then tried checking in on Master Evil's soul. To his surprise though, Master Evil was in deep slumber.

Zen was puzzled. The old man said flatly, "On the Time Sea, many people lose their time judgment. Although we are on the sea for only two hours, you probably feel as though your body has gone through a long passage of time. You'll be tired and that's normal. If you are, don't hesitate in resting."

"So that's how it is..."

The old man's words were like magic. Zen felt his eyelids getting heavier, fighting to stay open and inevitably closing into complete darkness. He didn't even realize that he was falling asleep.

Creak! Creak!

Zen didn't know how long he had slept, and he woke to the only sound of bone oars. When he opened his eyes, still in a daze, he saw nothing but giants filling the sky!

"Those are the Floating Islands!"

Zen came back to himself in a flash.

At the same time, Master Evil said lazily in Zen's mind, "Well, those should be the Floating Islands of the wealthy clans. This is the first time I've actually seen them."

The Floating Islands were extremely high in the sky above the Time Sea, and each of them was incomparably huge. There were no words to describe their sizes!

The Floating Islands were like the Cloud Hall in the Central Region, but they were thousands of times—no, tens of thousands of times—larger. Each of them was a huge city, quietly floating in the air.

These Floating Islands were not arranged in a line. Instead, they rose in spirals and extended all the way into the highest of skies.

A few of the Floating Islands were so high up that they were surrounded by thick clouds. Zen was unable to see exactly how high they

anked second to last. It hasn't gone up or gone down, ever," explained Mae before Zen could utter a single question.

The Xie Clan's Floating Island was completely different from the Liu Clan's. The entire island was covered in lush trees, and from the outside, Zen couldn't even spot a single building.

The disc continued moving upward.

This time, Zen found himself looking at a dark Floating Island.

The Floating Island seemed to have been burned to ashes. The outside of the island was charred, like a chunk of pure black charcoal floating in the air. There was no trace of life on the island, but dead silence seemed to reign there. As for the large character carved on the outer side of the island, it was incomplete.

A strange look appeared on Zen's face. He looked at the blurry and incomplete letter and tried to distinguish it. "L? Is it the Ling Clan? Or the Lan Clan, perhaps? What happened to this Floating Island? Did someone set it on fire or something?"

Mae smile. "No, neither. It's the Luo Clan. It used to be one of the top ten wealthy clans, but now, it has been destroyed. Every once in a while, the island will drop by one rank. There is no one on this island, and its ranking will keep falling. I believe that before long, it will fall directly into the Time Sea."

What she said was unintentional, but the listener suddenly became more thoughtful.

Zen stiffened upon hearing her words.

"The Luo Clan!"

Master Evil exclaimed in Zen's mind. "So this is supposed to be your father's Floating Island!"

It was Master Evil's first time entering the Time Sea. And it was quite an eye-opener for him. Although he didn't know much about the disputes among the wealthy clans, he did know about Mike's "death." As a Holy Being, Mike had his own Floating Island in the Time Sea, but Master Evil never expected that the Luo Clan's Floating Island would be in such a state!

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