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   Chapter 2213 The Emperor Resentment

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The ferryman's words alleviated Mae's anger.

With a light flick of her hand, she threw two divine might coins toward the ferryman.

But instead of taking the two divine might coins, the ferryman just waved his hand lightly and sent them flying back to Mae. He shook his head and said, "You have already paid the price. We won't charge you twice."

Then, the ferryman suddenly stood up and turned his face to the Time Sea with his eyes still closed. He moved his lips, but no sound left his mouth. No one knew what he was saying.

The Sun Blind members had a special ability.

No matter where one was in the Time Sea, as long as they stood on the shore, they didn't need to send any messages or inform anyone, and the Sun Blind members would come to them as soon as possible without wasting any time.

In the remote ages, the Hall of Holy Beings hadn't been established and there were no Floating Islands in the Time Sea. At that time, if a True God wanted to explore the Time Sea, they only needed to bring a few divine might coins with them. After the Sun Blind members reached the shore, they would ask if the True God wanted to explore the Time Sea.

Later, the Hall of Holy Beings was established and the Time Sea became occupied by the wealthy clans. The Hall of Holy Beings and the leader of the Sun Blind race reached an agreement. Other than the members of the wealthy clans, the Sun Blind members usually wouldn't ferry a True God who didn't belong to these wealthy clans.

That was why after Mae and Zen stayed at the shore for a while, a Sun Blind member came with a boat.

Zen and Mae waited in the boat for a long time.

Finally, two small black dots appeared on the surface of the colorful sea. Two boats were approaching them rapidly, one after the other.

The boat in the front was controlled by a burly man, while the boat in the back was being steered by a stooping old man. Apparently, these two men were the ferryman's brother and father respectively.

The two men slowly drew the boats and came closer. Once the three Sun Blind members converged, they talked to one another in secret for a while without making so much as a sound. The only sign that they were even communicating was the slight trembling of their lips. Zen and Mae had no idea what they were talking about.

After this secret exchange, the old man said to Zen, "Get in my boat and I'll take you there."

Seeing that the old man had agreed to ferry Zen, Mae let out a sigh of relief. She nodded at Zen and said, "Go ahead. See you on the Floating Island."

Zen leapt up and landed firmly in the old man's boat.

Once Zen was seated, the old man set down the two huge bone oars he had been holding and gently swung his arms to row the boat. This boat was like a flood dragon that dove


The legends of the Emperor Resentment existed not only in the Sun Blind race, but also in the divine land.

However, the Emperor Resentment was too mysterious. No one had seen its complete form so far. If the sea monster truly began hunting in the Time Sea, there was no possibility of any warrior inferior to a Holy Being making it out alive.

Once, in the middle ages, an Emperor Resentment had dragged a Holy Being into the Time Sea, intending to kill him. However, as long as the universe created by a Holy Being existed, the Holy Being would be immortal and their body would not be destroyed. As such, the Holy Being finally escaped from the Time Sea after years of entanglement with the Emperor Resentment. Although the Holy Being hadn't been taken down by the Emperor Resentment, he had still been very embarrassed.

Some people listed the Emperor Resentment as a true spirit, but most agreed that the strength of the Emperor Resentment was far beyond the strength of an ordinary true spirit, because even a Holy Being could not do anything to it.

"I have an aura similar to that of the Emperor Resentment?" The old man's answer had only increased Zen's puzzlement. Zen hadn't been aware that he had such a peculiar aura.

"Yes," the old man said. "My son is young, and hasn't seen the Emperor Resentment. But I saw the Emperor Resentment in the last divine era. Well, technically, I saw its hand."

His face was full of fear and sadness, as if talking about it reminded him of a sad memory.

It was said that the appearance of an Emperor Resentment would bring about a devastating disaster. It would not be unreasonable to think that the Emperor Resentment had caused a heavy blow to the old man. Even though a divine era had passed since the last time he had seen one, he became immersed in sorrow as soon as he thought about it.

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