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   Chapter 2212 No Ferry Out Of Fear

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An hour had passed as Zen waited by the sea.

Suddenly a small black dot appeared in the distance.

As it got closer, the dot became bigger. Zen soon realized that the dot was in fact a boat sailing on the Time Sea.

Zen refrained from asking Mae any more questions. So he decided to ask Master Evil through his mind. "Mae has said anyone who fell into the Time Sea would face instant death. Then how is there a boat sailing on the Time Sea?"

Until now, Master Evil had been silent all along in Zen's mind. He had visited the Time Sea long back and as he revisited the place again, endless thoughts were running through his mind. When he heard Zen's question, he laughed out loud. "Oh, there is a way to cross it. The materials used to make the boat are so special, that they can isolate the Time Law within the Time Sea. I personally haven't been to any of the Floating Islands before, but as far as I know, these boats belong to a very mysterious race called the Sun Blind race. All the divine citizens of this race have never opened their eyes to see the world, as they are all blind. They have been sailing on the sea for generations."

There were many legends about the Sun Blind race in the divine land, and some of them were quite staggering.

It was a low-key and mysterious ancient race. Not everyone was privy to their lifestyle. As Master Evil had said, everyone in the Blind Race was blind, but this was not important. The key point was that this race had traveled on the Time Sea before all the powerful clans occupied the Time Sea, during the ancient times.

Up until now, the True Gods in the divine land had little understanding about this race. Many of their customs and strange rules were often unfathomable to outsiders, because of which, many of the warriors from the wealthy clans considered them like a fly on the ointment. These powerful clans were the top forces of the divine land, and were usually domineering at an extreme level. However, they tried to avoid and even tolerated them to some extent. Because of insufficient knowledge, there were many speculations about this race from the people of the divine land.

The boat was constantly floating on the Time Sea. It seemed to be sailing at a very slow pace, but in reality its speed was extremely fast.

Zen's vision could reach a thousand miles away at most. Within five minutes, the boat arrived from a thousand miles away to where Zen was standing.

As the boat approached, Zen saw that the ferryman was a strong man with crimson skin. He seemed to be blind, as his eyes were closed firmly, and his thick and powerful arms were pushing and pulling a pair of strange paddles, which seemed to be made of the backbone of some kind of gigantic fish.

After the boat pulled on to the shore, the strong man stood still, while cocking his head to one side. He then asked, "Is it Mae who wants to cross the sea?"

"Yes, it is," Mae replied in a gentle voice.

The man nodded and steering the boat said, "Please get on to the boat."

As sh

t him inside the boat?"

"Because I'm afraid of him," the ferryman of the Sun Blind race said.

"Afraid? Thad is just a proving godly warrior. What is the need for you to be afraid of him?" Mae asked curiously. She knew that once these guys of the Sun Blind race made up their minds, it was very difficult to convince them otherwise.

Zen was completely confused with the ongoing situation. For the life of him, he could not understand the ferryman's despair, and he also became vigilant.

The Sun Blind race were known to have extraordinary senses. Once his origins, or some of the flaws in himself which he even didn't know were revealed, it would be troublesome.

The ferryman shook his head and said, "I'm afraid of him. His aura is not right."

Hearing this, Mae felt helpless.

There was no way she could deal with the Sun Blind race with force. No Floating Island resident would dare to offend this mysterious race. If the ferryman refused to ferry him across, then that was the end of discussion! There was no way he would be able to enter the Floating Island.

"So is there any other way for him to enter the Floating Island?" Mae asked again looking at the ferryman hopefully.

In her mind, if this Sun Blind man was not willing to ferry Thad, the only other way would be to ask her master to personally come. The master had the ability to send Thad to the Floating Island, but it was too trivial a matter to ask for her presence. Moreover, Thad was not qualified to enjoy such a privilege.

"I think my father can do the job. My father and my brother may not be afraid of him," the ferryman said.

The members of the Sun Blind race were divided into various ranks. Because of their mysterious lifestyle and their seldom communication to outsiders, they all looked the same. It was very difficult to make out their difference physically. Although Mae had traveled on the Time Sea many times, she didn't really know them. Even she felt that all the Sun Blind members looked exactly the same.

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