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   Chapter 2211 The Time Sea

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Even though Zen wanted to explain the problem of his Godly Tile to Mae, he was unable to do so.

He knew that it would be easier for him to condense his Godly Tile if he practiced the life vitality system.

He could choose any one of the Godly Ways and condense the internal momentum he had comprehended into a Godly Tile.

But since he practiced the Primal Chaos Technique, it would be a gigantic task for him to condense a Godly Tile.

Zen played a huge gamble on his part when he acquired the strange mud. But he knew he had to get it in order to condense the Godly Tile. Even though only a small part of it was condensed, he knew that he took the right decision. He was worried what might happen if he couldn't find this kind of mud again.

Yazid was in awe and shock when he saw Zen release the Purple Aura Godly Way without much effort. He stared at Zen silently, memorizing his appearance, and then took off, making his way towards the sky.

Mae grinned from ear to ear when she saw a furious Yazid leaving. She said to Bentley, "I guess the Heavenly Han House must have clashed with Yazid. Otherwise, you won't let this young man go with me."

Bentley shook his head in dismay. "Forget it. Mae, you had a long and arduous journey. Get some rest and you'd feel better."

"I'm fine," she said. She had all her interest on Zen.

She circled Zen, without taking her eyes off him. "Most of Master Joy's disciples are females, and there are only three male disciples. I did not expect that she would have another male disciple."

'What? I am not looking for a new master!' Zen thought.

Zen craved to enter the Floating Island. But he had no plans to acquire a new master; he already had one.

Mae was quite good at reading people's minds. "You don't want to be Master Joy's disciple?" she asked Zen.

Joy was quite famous as a Demi-holy Being in the divine land. Only the Holy Emperor of the Han Clan outranked her on the clan's Floating Island. Joy had plans of her own. She wanted to set up her own sect and create her own Floating Island. Many True Gods sought for Joy so that they might get enlisted as her disciples.

Mae was unaware of the fact that Zen had a master and he wasn't looking for another.

Zen knew that even if Bromley was here in person, he wouldn't be able to teach him anything. After all, he was cultivating the chaotic energy system. He was aware of the fact that Joy was practicing the Purple Aura Godly Way.

"I am not looking for a master as I already have one," Zen said, shaking his head.

Mae smiled at his words.

She acknowledged that Zen was indeed gifted, but he was just a proving godly warrior who had struggled in a small divine city. She wondered how his master could be superior to Joy, who wa


"I just want to see the sea water," Zen said absentmindedly. His eyes were transfixed upon the Time Sea. He felt complete and had this strange yet wonderful feeling as if he was home. He felt one with the sea and had a strong urge to go into its water.

Mae was watching Zen closely. "The Time Sea is quite dangerous," she said sternly. "I would be in great danger if I went into its water and so would you be."

Zen had this confused yet blank expression on his face. Mae patiently explained that the Time Sea wasn't at all what it looked like. She lay out the fact that what looked like water wasn't actually water but rather fragments of time. "The Time Sea records whatever happened in the history, and turns it into countless fragments. If you touch one of the fragments, you would fall into that certain time period," she explained.

Zen couldn't quite comprehend what he was hearing. "So I can travel to any stage of the divine land through the Time Sea?" he asked excitedly.

"Well, it's a bit complicated than that. These are fragments of time and not a complete time passage. So when you fell into the sea, you would also be split into countless pieces and fall into different periods of time. So falling into the sea means death; believe me!" Mae warned.

Zen was taken aback when he heard this. A look of horror crept onto his face. "Why did all the wealthy clans establish Floating Islands here, knowing that this place is quite dangerous?" Zen asked in an alarming tone.

"That's because the Ruling Slate is here," Mae replied calmly.

Zen was still a little puzzled. The Ruling Slate was here didn't seem to have anything to do with the fact that those wealthy clans had built Floating Islands here. He still had a lot of questions, but he didn't want to annoy Mae. So he just shrugged and said nothing.

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