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   Chapter 2210 Mae Han

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Even Master Evil hadn't said anything, Zen was already very well aware that Yazid wanted to kill him.

The problem was that he didn't have the ability to fight against Yazid. All he could do now was pin his last hopes on the Han Clan sub-branches!

He bet that the people from the Han Clan sub-branches would help him. At the very least, he truly hoped they wouldn't just watch him die at Yazid's mercy.

Throughout his time there, Zen had rarely faced such danger in the Evolutionary Universe. Back then, never would he place his hopes on anyone else but himself, because he knew very well that if he ever placed his hopes on the wrong person, the only result would be his death!

Here and now though, he was in the divine land. And Zen, who was a secondary creature and a total stranger in this place, had no choice but to take a few risks.

As the power of the five elements surged upward, Zen suddenly heard a loud collision, followed by a muffled groan...

The illusion around him completely disappeared at once.

A smile of relief simultaneously spread on Zen's face.

Not far away, Bentley was clenching his fists and he looked to be boiling with anger. As Yazid placed his hands on his chest and fell into the corner of a wall, he continued coughing loudly, and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

And yet, no one had even seen how Bentley had done it. He was way too fast.

"How dare you attack me, Bentley?" Yazid spat resentfully.

Bentley sneered back coldly. "There's nothing I wouldn't dare do! We might be just about the same age, but I am the leader of the Han Clan sub-branches, after all. Let that be heard! Speaking of which, you're only a liaison from the Floating Island. Do you really think I can't hurt you? Even if I killed you, the main Han Clan wouldn't punish me in the least!"

"You!" Yazid felt both scared and angry at the same time.

Yazid might be a member of the main Han Clan, and equally a top-rank True God, but he wasn't valued by the main Han Clan whatsoever. His mediocre talent and average strength didn't impress them at all.

The liaison he served as was actually a position with little responsibilities, but because of his seniority and his cultivation level, everyone respected him. In fact, his status was even far inferior to that of Bentley.

In contrast, Bentley had an eccentric character and often found himself laughing and joking with the disciples of younger generation. As the leader of the Han Clan sub-branches, he was actually highly valued by the main Han Clan. Over the years, the main Han Clan even wanted to transfer Bentley to the Floating Island in order for him to serve through a meaningful position, but Bentley refused them time and time again.

If he did kill Yazid, the main Han Clan would certainly hold him responsible, but the punishment wouldn't be too severe and not to mention that Bentley was reasonable on this matter. After all, it just didn't make any sense that it was just because a talent recommended by the Heavenly Han House understood Yazid's Five Elements Destructing technique that Yazid wanted to kill him.

Zen stood in the center of the main hall without saying a word. The old man had al

loating Island instead. The whole thing was rather ironic.

In order to impress Mae Han, Bentley smiled and spoke up, "Joy has an eye for talent. This person is indeed a rare talent. One couldn't have found such a talent among the children of the Han Clan on the Floating Island if they had wanted to!"

To Mae Han though, Bentley's words didn't make any sense.

The Heavenly Han House was always cautious when around Joy. But why was Bentley being so cooperative today? What was wrong with him?

Malloy equally bowed his head in agreement and sighed softly. He knew his only choice now was to hand Thad over to her.

Yazid, who had planned to leave, was unable to accept such a result. He suddenly said, "Joy only recruits warriors that cultivate the Purple Aura Godly Way. And yet this guy doesn't have a Purple Power Body. How did he attract Joy's attention, then? This is just ridiculous!"

Yazid knew that Zen had been recognized by hundreds of Godly Way Tablets, but he didn't know that among them was a Purple Aura Godly Way Tablet. Never in the past had he heard something so strange. A warrior without a Purple Power Body simply couldn't cultivate the Purple Aura Godly Way!

Bentley laughed. "Thad, show a few of your abilities to some of these people who seem to come from a hole in the ground."

Zen responded very quickly. As soon as Bentley finished speaking, Zen gently waved his hand, and a wisp of purple mist shot up into the sky!

The purple mist turned into a phoenix and circled above the sky over the Heavenly Han House, before obediently landing directly on Zen's shoulder.

'He can turn purple mist into substance! And he is doing so with such skill. But he hasn't condensed a Godly Tile yet. What a strange guy!' Mae thought as she sized Zen up with a strange look in her eye. Zen didn't have the Purple Power Body, but he could certainly cultivate the Purple Aura Godly Way. This was simply incredible.

And with what she had just witnessed, it was even harder for her to believe that Zen hadn't condensed a Godly Tile despite having mastered the technique of turning purple mist into substance.

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