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   Chapter 2209 Break Through

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"It's that pair of eyes again!" Malloy exclaimed, raising his eyebrows.

The main reason Zen was easily and quickly recognized by the Godly Way Tablets in the Consulting God Hall was due to his eyes!

So much so in fact that some people even believed that Zen had Fire God Eyes.

Although Bentley hadn't personally appeared at the scene, he had certainly heard of Zen's eyes with the golden rings. Upon looking at them now, he was truly impressed.

Yazid's expression was also full of surprise. He had no idea how Zen could have struggled in his Five Elements Destructing with such golden eyes.

The Infinity Ruler's scale of the Five Elements Godly Way was flashing with a blazing golden light!

At the same time, the internal momentum that rushed into Zen's mind gathered on the ruler's scale!

The internal momentum absorbed by the Infinity Ruler wasn't the original Five Elements Godly Way, but the internal momentum of the Five Elements Destructing, which was actually understood by Yazid himself. And as the Infinity Ruler absorbed the internal momentum, Zen felt as though a stream of clear water was being injected into his mind.

"According to the nature of the heaven and earth, water can quench fire... Fire can melt metal... And metal can chop wood..."

At that very moment, Zen unexpectedly understood Yazid's theurgy, the Five Elements Destructing, through the Infinity Ruler.

"According to the Five Elements Destructing, one element would be destroyed by another as the five elements restrict each other. In such a case, the five elements could also generate each other in order to become consummate. At that point, it becomes easy to break the Five Elements Destructing."

It was obviously unrealistic for Zen to break through a top-rank True God's theurgy.

Although Yazid had used his unique skill, one thing was certain: he hadn't used all his strength. Thus, Zen actually had a chance of winning!

Zen's figure suddenly began to shake as the chaotic energy quickly circulated in his inner world. It immediately turned into the power of the five elements, which gushed out from his body like five distinct rivers.

"Five Elements Godly Way?" one of the leaders of the Han Clan sub-branches asked, as he frowned slightly.

"Indeed, you're correct. He is activating the Five Elements Godly Way. The question is, what is he trying to do?" another leader replied, his eyes still fixed on Zen.

The Five Elements Godly Way was one of the most common Godly Ways in the divine land and countless people cultivated it. Yazid was capable of having his own insights when it came to the Five Elements Godly Way, which undoubtedly made him a top leader. If Zen used the Five Elements Godly Way now, it would be equivalent to displaying his measly skill before an expert.

"Does Zen plan to use the Five Elements Godly Way to break through..." Malloy hesitated for a second before continuing. "The Five Elements Destructing? Is he making a huge mistake?" Malloy felt rather confused, now. If Zen couldn't see through the foundation of the Five Elements Destructing, there was no way he'd successfully break through the Five Elements Destructing even after he employed the Five Elements Godly Way. Besides, he would be taken advantage of by Yazid. After all, according to Zen's Five

ldom fought with other people, no one had been capable of breaking through the Five Elements Destructing over the years. This didn't mean that the Five Elements Destructing was invincible, though. Not at all. To the contrary, there were still numerous other theurgies that were much more powerful than the Five Elements Destructing, and there were many top-rank True Gods that could defeat Yazid. The only thing was that no one could break Yazid's theurgy.

'This brat has even understood the Five Elements Destructing's internal momentum! How is that possible? I have to kill him because he has broken my internal momentum!'

Among the top-rank True Gods, Yazid wasn't considered to be very powerful. He couldn't be ranked among the top True Gods in the Han Clan, not to mention in the divine land.

Those who weren't very remarkable would cherish their theurgy very much. The Five Elements Destructing was Yazid's masterpiece. No matter how Zen broke his internal momentum, Yazid simply couldn't bear watching him do it.

Right then, it was extremely difficult for Yazid to suppress his evil thoughts.

Suddenly, the creatures in Yazid's inner world all began quietly offering their Faith Energy. The Faith Energy intertwined into thin threads and gathered in his Godly Tile. The momentum that Yazid had used before was very insignificant, but now that he had the killing intent, it was different and much more meaningful.

For the top-rank True God, killing Zen was going to be a piece of cake.

The moment the power began gushing out, Zen had sensed something strange.

In this illusory space, the five elements' power that surrounded him had quickly undergone a fundamental change.

If Zen had fought with little snakes before, then now he was facing a gigantic dragon. The top-rank True God would easily suppress and even kill Zen only by means of the five elements' power, without ever even using the Five Elements Destructing. This, now this was the power of a top-rank True God!

"What?" Zen's eyes froze. He had never expected Yazid to take serious action!

"Watch out! That old man is going to kill you, Zen!" Even Master Evil had realized that Zen's actions had provoked Yazid.

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