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   Chapter 2208 Absorbing The Internal Momentum

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Yazid hadn't used his full strength.

Being a top-rank True God, half of the Six-Burden Divine City would be destroyed if he used all his strength.

Even so, it was unfair to Zen. The Five Elements Destructing theurgy, which was used by Yazid, was not suitable for the test of a proving godly warrior.

Unable to stand it anymore, Malloy shouted at them. "The test is too much for you to handle, Thad! You need to give up! The Floating Island will send people to recruit young geniuses next year. I am sure that you will be able to enter the Floating Island by that time!"

The geniuses that had been recommended particularly by the sub-branches of the Han Clan were brought to the Floating Island by Yazid. As it was designed for a person only this time, Yazid did not care to take the test seriously. He had made the evaluation based on his own knowledge and preferences. However, next year, the test for the geniuses selected would be different than this one now. They were to be chosen with strict standards before they could enter the Floating Island.

Malloy knew that the test the Han Clan on the Floating Island had one perform was very strict and difficult, but understood that it was much easier than Yazid's. If the True God did not want Zen to pass, than Zen would never accomplish this task. It was practically impossible for Zen to resist the Five Elements Destructing theurgy for even five minutes. Yazid had to be entirely shameless to scheme up something like this!

If he ever had the chance to go to the Floating Island in the future, Bentley decided that he would report Yazid to the Han Clan on the Floating Island. His schemes would surely anger them.

However, Zen did not follow Malloy's advice. He did not want to let this hard won opportunity to go to waste, and tried his hand at this challenge for five minutes at the least.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sound of the earth cracking, metal colliding, and fire roaring echoed all around them. The sound was nearly overwhelming to Zen as it seemed to surround him.

This power was proving to be terribly destructive.

Zen knew Yazid had been holding back, saving his strength. He knew that the True God was much more powerful than himself. Although the chaotic power didn't look violent, it still ripped into Zen's skin like a knife.

Attempting to avoid the brutal power, Zen was using several different methods including the Eight Smoky Melodies. It seemed to do no good as he could not get away from it all. This method had proved effective for him against proving godly warriors, and even some low-rank True Gods; however, facing a top-rank True God was no simple task.

Zen could do nothing but grit his teeth and try to withstand the onslaught.

Yazid easily masked the astonishment he felt at Zen's performance behind a calm facade.

In the beginning, he had no intention of using this destructive power. He had only planned to use the power of the five elements to defeat Zen. Very quickly though, Yazid realized that just the five elements wouldn't be enough to harm Zen, so he had decided to activate this destructive power.

He had expected Zen to crumble and beg for mercy under the power within a few seconds. However, Zen had performed beyond his expecta

The internal momentum that leaked out from the destructive power was slowly slithering into Zen's mind. It proved to be incredibly powerful, and Master Evil's soul had already hidden away from it. Zen also hid his own soul deep in his mind as a precaution. If he wasn't paying close attention he would lose his soul, and that would not be fun.

But the Infinity Ruler still continued to float in his mind quietly and did not respond.

Zen wondered if he had guessed wrong. Maybe the amount of the internal momentum was still insufficient.

Even with the great risks he had taken, the Infinity Rule remained motionless. It made Zen feel anxious.


The destructive power slapped Zen in the forehead. He felt the skin open up on his forehead, and a warm gush of blood dribbled down his face.

Shouts of horror and shock filled the main hall at the gruesome sight.

Even Yazid was equally panicked. It was true that he did not intend to let Zen pass his test, but if he killed Zen by mistake things would not go very well for him. Despite the fact Zen brought it upon himself, the responsibility would still fall on him.

"Stop, Yazid!" Bentley shouted, a harsh look on his face. At the same moment, the internal momentum in his body was being slowly released. He couldn't watch Zen die in the Heavenly Han House. He had failed to persuade Zen to give up, but he could at least stop Yazid. Moreover, he had long wanted to have a fight with Yazid.

"He brought this upon himself,"

Yazid explained hurriedly when he saw that Bentley was preparing his attack. Although both of them were top-rank True Gods, Bentley was much stronger than him. If Bentley really fought him out of anger, he was bound to suffer.

"It doesn't matter what's the reason, you must stop," Bentley ordered. His tone brooked no room for an argument. He looked as if he were ready to attack at any moment.

If the two top-rank True Gods fought in the Heavenly Han House, it would undoubtedly be a massive event. So Malloy and the others all stepped out to mediate.

Just as the main hall erupted into chaos, two circles of golden light suddenly appeared in Zen's pupils.

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