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   Chapter 2207 Making Things Difficult For Zen

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Upon hearing Yazid's words, all the members of the Han Clan's sub-branches, including the leader of the Heavenly Han House, Malloy, looked forlorn.

The sub-branches of the Han Clan possessed a special recommendation right, and they attached great importance to this right. They seldom used it, but once they used, they only recommended capable and competent people.

Although Yazid was shouldered with the responsibility of evaluating all the candidates, his duty was just a formality. Usually, he didn't do it too seriously. After all, the sub-branches of the Han Clan wouldn't recommend any random person casually. Else, the real strength of the one that was recommended would be disclosed once they came to the Floating Island.

In fact, Adam, the youngest son of Bentley, could definitely not be considered as a loser. He had suffered something undisclosed after he went to the Floating Island of the Han Clan. That was how he got into such a situation.

If Yazid was really going to take the test seriously, then it would obviously be difficult for Thad.

The people from the Heavenly Han House were naturally nervous.

Looking at the nervous expressions on the faces of the people from the sub-branches of the Han Clan, Yazid was complacent. In his eyes, none of these people was able to question him. He continued to raise his voice and sneered, "Why hasn't the boy arrived yet? If I have to wait any longer, I shall leave at once!"

"Hold on! He has arrived!"

The guard from the Heavenly Han House came from outside the main hall, to announce their arrival.

Then Zen followed, led by two guards and stepped into the main hall.

Zen was a little thrilled, knowing that his plan was going on smoothly. After all, entering the Floating Island was the crucial part.

But as soon as he stepped inside the hall, he sensed something amiss.

The headmen of the sub-branches of the Han Clan, including Bentley and Malloy, looked gloomy. In fact, Bentley to some extent even looked angry! As a top-rank True God, the leader of the sub-branches of the Han Clan could not be ignored in the entire divine land. What happened that made him so angry?

Glancing at Zen indifferently, Yazid said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "I thought you were going to recommend someone incredibly talented. But it turns out you bring another waste to the Floating Island!"

Hearing this, Zen frowned slightly, and an imperceptible cold light flashed through his eyes. Yazid sat on the top of the main hall with a dignified and arrogant expression. Zen could tell at a glance that this person was probably the key person to bring him to the Floating Island.

But he didn't expect the old man to call him a waste. That was highly insulting of him!

Though the people of the sub-branches of the Han Clan didn't speak on his behalf, Zen didn't lose his temper. Instead, the flame of excitement in his heart instantly went out, and his face looked cold.

"Ahem," Malloy cleared his throat in his attempt to break the tension hovering in the air. Although there was some sort of strain

isappeared, as he stepped into a world made by the power of the five elements. The ground beneath his feet, the golden light in the sky, the tree at a distance, the tsunami that came overwhelmingly from afar, and the fire clouds made up a wonderful world.

However, the world was rapidly collapsing and destructing.

In the destructive mode, the powers of the five elements collided with each other and at the same time attacked Zen.

Zen's eyes shot up sharply. The top-rank True God's attack was quite extraordinary. The powers of the five elements intertwined and released an extremely complicated power. That kind of energy was completely different from the energy contained in the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

The Magnetic Sacred Mountain became extremely complex after condensing five types of laws, hence it proved to be very stable.

However, Yazid could make those Law Powers crash each other and cause destruction. An extremely unstable destructing energy burst out. Since it was not stable, the power would be multiplied.

In the blink of an eye, Zen was surrounded by the destructing energy.

Streaks of sharp golden light cut through Zen's body, while the flames burned Zen with vigorous intensity. Zen could endure the attack of these Law Powers, but when the destructing energy burst out, he felt a great sense of threat.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The destructing energy easily penetrated through the Redemption Armor and worked on Zen's body. Even if Zen's body was strong enough to endure the attack, he still got hurt by the energy and got a wound.

Seeing the spectacle, Yazid sneered and said, "If you can't withstand it, then don't push yourself too hard. If you can't go to the Floating Island, you will still have a chance in the future. It will be a pity if you're killed though."

Both Malloy and Bentley glared at Yazid coldly.

The people of the sub-branches of the Han Clan were completely disappointed with Yazid, since despite being a top-rank True God, he attacked a proving godly warrior with his powerful theurgy.

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