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   Chapter 2206 Dispute

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Zen had a longing to throw the piece of mud into his inner world. He was curious to find out as to what might happen to it.

He let go of the mud, his nerves tingling with excitement.

Zen watched with anticipation as the thick, gooey mud fell into the chaotic sea. Vast bust bubbles appeared and a strange brown mist engulfed everything upon the moment of impact.

Zen grinned broadly. He noticed that even though the color of this mud was a tad bit different, it had the same effect as the one given by Linn. He assumed that the Tie Clan's mud was preserved for far too long; thus it turned brown rather than black.

Thus, he grabbed hold of the other five pieces of the mud and threw them in the water.

Much to his astonishment, the water appeared as if a submarine was emerging from it. It looked as if someone had put the sea on a burner. His excitement lay no bounds.

Zen couldn't quite believe what was happening in his inner world. He was further stunned when a dark brown cloud rose from his inner world and moved towards his Godly Plate.

At this point, Zen's comprehension of the Emotion Closing Godly Way was infused into the cloud, paving way for dark sword-like figures which rose from the cloud and started to glow, converging into sword clouds.

The sky was filled with the whooshing sound of the sword clouds.

The sword clouds made their way towards Zen's Godly Plate. They tried to penetrate Zen's Godly Plate, unsuccessful at first but after a while, they turned solid, into a triangle crystal and attached themselves to the center of Zen's plate.

Zen noticed the difference in the size of both the crystals. He was astonished by how gigantic this crystal was.

Thus, he came to the conclusion that the larger the pile of mud thrown into the inner world was, the larger the size of cloud would be, thus paving way for a bigger crystal to be formed. All Zen ever wanted was to condense a Godly Tile in his inner world. He knew that the time was ripe and he had to condense his own Godly Tile. Although, he had some doubts about it.

A few days ago, when Zen was running away from that weird cave as quickly as possible, he found another cave adjacent to his. What he saw next turned his blood cold. Although he couldn't quite figure out what they exactly were, he knew he had to get away from those hideous black creatures.

With Zen's current level of strength, it wouldn't be a wise choice for him to return to that cave as his life was quite dear to him. He had to wait until his cultivation reached a higher level before going back.

While staying at the Heavenly Han House, he obediently followed every command and listened to every single word the True Gods had said about the Godly Ways. Although the True Gods were blessed with knowledge, they were not very good fighters. Their sole purpose was to explore the Godly Ways.

They had a firm grasp on the Godly Ways and k

without any remorse.

This infuriated Bentley. He couldn't hide the outrageous expression on his face anymore. He stood up, facing the old man, his eyes flaming with anger. Other leaders had to calm him down as he still mumbled angrily under his breath.

The old man held an important position in the Floating Island. But so did Bentley, who was the leader of the Han Clan's sub-branches. Although, Bentley's position was not inferior to that of the old man, he could always be overruled by the old man due to his status and his connections in the Han Clan.

All the warriors that were inducted in the Floating Island were examined by the old man. Due to his position and vast experience, he was respected by all the members of the Han Clan. Bentley tried his best to please the old man, but every time the old man visited, he would bring up the unfortunate incident Bentley's son had, which enraged Bentley.

Bentley vowed that he wouldn't leave the old man unscathed the next time he mentioned Adam. Had it not been for the leaders, Bentley would have struck down the old man for good.

Although, the old man realized his arrogance, he felt humiliated by Bentley's actions and did not take them kindly. "Adam's talents were average. He was always proud and arrogant. When he realized he couldn't compete with the rest, he went mad, and the whole bullying story is being used as a scapegoat. How could you be so blind, Bentley? Just admit that he failed," he roared.

Bentley was taken aback. He pointed out the fact that the old man himself tested Adam before he was admitted to the Floating Island. Bentley wanted to punch the old man, Yazid. But he knew that doing so would get him trouble and it might end up in him being banished from the clan.

Yazid knew that Bentley couldn't harm him, even if he wanted to. "I will definitely test the warrior you recommend this time more carefully," he answered, while smiling maliciously.

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