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   Chapter 2205 A Girl's Head

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After spending a day in the Tie Clan's house, Zen finally left. Of course, they didn't ask him to stay—they were anxious to explore the passage below the pond themselves.

When he returned to the Heavenly Han House, Zen chose to cultivate in seclusion.

By now, he had already figured out the usage of the mud.

Although the will of his inner world continued to urge him to devour the mud as soon as he could, he continued to ignore it.

Apart from the mud, this time, he had also obtained the transparent bead.

At that time, after Zen had taken away the bead, the magical mud lost its energy, leaving it as nothing more than ordinary mud.

So when Alfred caught the first piece of mud, the black thing had actually abandoned a part of its body—the real core should have been this bead.

Gently, Zen flipped the space ring and took the bead out with his right hand.

Too busy escaping from danger, he hadn't been able to observe it carefully. When he did, he found the bead's surface full of cracks.

While the bead was indeed strong, it couldn't bear the full power of Zen's sword strike.

"This is a soul container—there must be the soul of some living being within." In Zen's mind, Master Evil looked at the bead and analyzed it for him. "Generally speaking, only the best puppet technique could seal one's soul into a bead. It is said that some Holy Beings actually like doing it."

"To seal one's soul into a bead?" The thought made Zen's eyes flicker. Saul was a puppet in the fairy palace, and his soul had lived for countless years. Zen had never seen Saul's soul container, nor did he know if Bromley had sealed Saul's soul into a bead too.

While Zen examined it, the pupil in it suddenly turned. Rolling gently on his finger, the bead wanted to escape his grasp.

Though it was unexpected, he managed to react quickly. With a smile on his face, he turned over his palm and grabbed it once again. "There is indeed a soul inside it. It still wants to escape."

When he grasped the bead again, the pupil disappeared and the bead stopped moving.

"Haha! The soul in it has been pretending to be dead," Master Evil remarked with an amused smile.

To find out the secret of the cave, Zen had to start with the bead. He held the bead tightly until an invisible spiritual sense sprea

oed and lingered in Zen's mind. While he tried his hardest to deny the thoughts, he couldn't escape the worries in his heart. What if it really was Yan?

"She is absolutely not Yan!"

A sharp gaze flashed through Zen's eyes before he quickly dismissed the idea.

Once the thought manifested, it grew madly, shaking Zen's entire state of mind. If he let the idea develop, it would have eventually evolved into his inner demon—it definitely wasn't worth it.

The woman seemed to have been trying to say something at the last minute. But after a slight movement of her lips, the soul in the transparent bead exploded and Zen lost his chance to understand what went on after that.

Reading her lips, he could only see that she started by saying "I," but what was she trying to tell him?

For a long time, Zen stood frozen until he finally decided to let the matter go and put the transparent bead back into his space ring.

No matter how hard he thought about it, he couldn't get an answer. If he was strong enough in the future, he could probably explore the strange cave again, but now was surely not the time to pour his energy into it.

After dealing with the bead, Zen took the mud out from his space ring.

A single piece of mud could only be condensed into a single piece of Godly Tile crystal. Though Zen didn't know how many pieces of mud were needed to condense a complete tile, he had no choice but to use the only method he knew of at the moment.

When he brought the mud out, his inner world began stirring again.

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