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   Chapter 2204 The Pond

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At this point, Zen was suspecting that he had fallen into some kind of illusion.

He remembered coming down from the top of the cave, but why the hell were there so many monsters up there in the other cave?

It was impossible for a huge cave to have formed in the gangue layer above him in such a short time. He couldn't figure out what had really happened.

"Zen, watch out! Down there!" Master Evil was shouting at him in his mind.

He had also sensed Zen's fall into depression and the reason behind it.

Whoever encountered such a situation would wonder if he had lost his mind.

Master Evil was just as shocked, but he only had a soul fragment left and wasn't as nervous as Zen. The scene before him was absolutely absurd, but he hoped that Zen would find a way out.

Since the cave appeared above Zen's head out of nowhere, Master Evil thought Zen could switch directions and find another way out, so he asked Zen to create a path from below.

Zen's eyes narrowed as he focused on keeping his composure.

He was quick to pull himself together, thanks to his change in mentality. Back in the Evolutionary Universe, Zen had moved along the path of martial arts rather smoothly as he aimed to grow stronger. His confidence was like the sun that had just risen in the morning. With his passion for martial arts alone, he seemed capable of defeating anything in his path. Now, Zen had grown more cautious and sensitive to his environment—the divine land was a different territory, so he merely had to adjust his mindset to face it.

After Master Evil's warning, a strong instinct for survival rose in Zen's heart. Even if the way he previously entered was gone, he had to do anything he could to find another way out—anything was better than being trapped there.

The arms around the cave were getting closer to him and the dark shadows could emerge from the walls at any minute. Simultaneously, the huge heads above his head also came down from the crack.

"Ripping Consciousness…"

In this situation, any negative emotion could put Zen to death. Once again, he suppressed his emotions with his swordsmanship comprehension while at the same time employing the Emotion Closing Godly Way.

With a flip of his right hand, he thrust the sword downwards abruptly and backed up. The sword intent from the Great Weighty Sword cut a hole right into the ground and the coal-black gangue on the cave's surface turned dark green.

Looking into the hole, he was surprised to see black pieces of gangue at the other end, but t

, built in a unique fashion.

Several maidservants in the courtyard saw a sudden whirl in the middle of the pond, piquing their curiosity. The water sank so quickly down Zen's passage. Soon after, Zen appeared in the middle of the pond, drenched. The sight earned screams of shock from the Tie Clan maids.

After the commotion, Zen was led back to the main hall.

Devin's uncles were utterly puzzled and were eager to know what exactly happened.

Not only did they fail to find Zen, they had no idea how he left. The huge crater was still rather far from the clan. A few hours after Zen disappeared, he appeared in their pond, much to their surprise. It was all too strange.

But Zen didn't tell them the truth—if he had only dug out a few pieces of mud underground, it wouldn't have been necessary for him to lie, but when he found the weird cave and saw the man and woman on the stone, he knew that it was no simple matter. He figured it would be wiser to avoid revealing anything.

He told the clan that he found something strange as he dug along the way, but couldn't find a way back and dug randomly into the ground. After a few hours, he just managed to find a way out and accidentally found himself in the clan's pond.

The elders didn't respond well to Zen's story—they weren't convinced in the least. After Zen left, they already made up their minds to send people down the passageway Zen created and explore it.

Zen, of course, was well aware of this plan, but it was hard to say whether or not they were able to find the strange cave. Based on what happened, Zen was certain that the cave could move. Perhaps that was why no one had discovered the cave for so long.

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