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   Chapter 2203 Unable To Escape

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As the power poured out of him, the golden light in Zen's eyes also flickered.

A magnificent, sharp, sword intent was condensed on the surface of the Great Weighty Sword...

"Ripping Consciousness!"

"Gods-intimidating Strike! Slash!"


The blazing sword intent almost cut off all of Zen's emotions and any thought within his mind. It hovered around and formed a sharp radiance.

Zen was all alone so he could freely activate the Emotion Closing Godly Way.

However, he did not release his sword intent. His only purpose was to cut these stalagmites.

Despite being faded, the stalagmites were extremely tough. However, under Zen's physical prowess and the might of the Emotion Closing Godly Way, they were as crisp as paper.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

There was a loud explosion as the stalagmites all broke down.


Without the stalagmites restricting him, Zen jumped up and headed straight towards the black mud, turning into a sharp sword as he did so.


The young man couldn't really figure out just what kind of strange life form this mud was but it was obvious that it created this cave as a trap.

The mud continued squirming on the wall. The liquid it secreted strongly attracted the giant black shadows inside the walls as the more it let out, the faster the shadows moved.

This "mud" probably thought Zen would never be able to get out of its cage, so it maintained an extremely slow speed. However, after that loud explosion, the young man managed to free himself and attack!

Seeing Zen rushing in at an extremely terrifying speed, the mud suddenly grew out five tentacles and reached into the gangue layer. Both the mud and the entire cave became one instantaneously. Transparent stalagmites began to spread from the mud, determined to cage Zen once again.

However, the young man's current speed and strength were far beyond the mud's expectations.

It hadn't taken Zen that seriously. After all, it had already consumed quite a number of True Gods so what could a proving godly warrior do?

It was the mud's mistake to judge Zen so wrongly, however, it was too late.

The stalagmites were not enough to obstruct Zen at all.

As the young man entered the state of 'Ripping Consciousness', he not only could make full use of the power of hi

deactivated the Eight Smoky Melodies and gasped for breath, his chest heaving as he did so.

The sight of those densely packed arms made Zen's scalp tingle. The longer he stayed there, the more danger he was bound to face. He had to find an exit as soon as possible.

He went into the cave from the top but the tunnel he had created suddenly disappeared.

He couldn't figure out the reason as to why this happened and he didn't have the time to think about it either. All he could do was to slash at the top of the cave with his sword in hopes of finding an exit.

As the sword swung forward, a long, thin sword radiance directly tore open a huge crack on top of him. Zen was about to rush out of the crack but the sight of what awaited him inside made him weak in the knees.

On the other side of the crack was another huge cave and inside this cave were countless tiny pieces of mud which kept jumping around. Each mud had a bulge at the center where a pupil resided. These pupils currently stared at Zen.

If this cave contained only the mud Zen needed, he would've been happy. Collecting those pieces of mud would help him condense his Godly Tile much faster. Unfortunately, along with these pieces of mud were seven or eight huge heads. These heads looked like skinless monsters that stared at Zen menacingly.

He felt his chest constrict as these eyes stared at him.

At that moment, Zen truly felt that he had been pushed into a dead end. He felt genuine fear that he would be unable to leave this strange cave, forever.

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