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   Chapter 2202 A Movable Cave

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The members of Tie Clan remained waiting outside.

Devin stood at the side of the crater with a look of hesitation on his face as he looked at the passage dug out by Zen.

There were strong vibrations felt earlier from Zen hitting the gangue layer, but it stopped after a while. They could only guess that the young man had finally given up.

It was already hard for Devin's elders to deal with the gangue layer, what more could Zen do? Besides, there was nothing underneath anyway.

After brewing in silence for so long, Devin couldn't help but want to go in to see what happened.

At that moment, his two uncles Alfred and John slid down from the edge of the crater.

Alfred had been the one to find the mud last time, but digging out the entire crater was a team effort between him and John.

"Hasn't Thad come out yet?"

The elders of Tie Clan had since paid attention to this place but never appeared here because it was inconvenient for them. After Thad got in touch with Devin, they figured that the young ones would be able to deal with this matter. However, a long time had passed but there was still no movement, which caused them to worry.

Thad was a popular figure in the Heavenly Han House. If something bad happened to him, then the Tie Clan would surely suffer.

Devin shook his head. "No, he hasn't yet."

Alfred and John threw each other meaningful looks. "Maybe it's time we go in and have a look. We have to make sure he's safe," Alfred suggested.

"Don't worry. He won't encounter any danger." John smiled languidly.

This place wasn't far away from the Six-Burden Divine City and the Tie Clan had been stationed here for a long time now, so no powerful, vicious beasts would dare to stay in the nearby vicinity. However, John still went after Alfred into the passage, followed closely by Devin.

"Be careful. There is a hole under your feet," Alfred reminded them. Nonetheless, the three ventured forward and eventually reached a dead end.

"Thad must've gone down that hole we saw just now. We should go down and have a look," Alfred said. He was very sensitive and could guess what might've been Zen's thoughts when he ventured inside. The young man might have felt something wrong and decided to turn back to go down the hole. "You don't have to go down, Devin.

l felt that this might be a trap set up by that black thing.

The forbidden lands were the most dangerous places in the divine land. Everyone knew that. In fact, there were some forbidden lands that even Holy Beings found difficult to enter.

Outside the forbidden lands was the world of the True Gods. Ordinary vicious beasts could never hope to survive outside the forbidden lands.

Any beast that managed to venture out and live outside the forbidden lands was most probably extremely powerful and terrifying. Not even Holy Beings dared fight with these beasts since they most likely had strong, hidden powers that could prove fatal to an unsuspecting opponent.

Zen couldn't possibly deal with them right now.

In Master Evil's opinion, the beasts in this cave were the ones with strong hidden powers. They most likely had devoured quite a number of True Gods over the years.

"I think I might need to escape," Zen affirmed as he stared at the swaying shadows behind the walls. His eyes, however, remained affixed to the squirming black mud on the wall. That mud might have summoned all those shadows behind the wall.

The wisest choice was to leave this place as soon as possible; however, Zen's inner world thought otherwise. That mud was too important. If he wanted to condense the Godly Tile as soon as possible, then he needed to take the risk and go all out.

Zen did not delay any longer. He reached out and grabbed two stalagmites above his head, and the power of the Nine Divine Stars began to rapidly circulate.

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