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   Chapter 2201 Cage

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A puff of air escaped Zen's lips. After a careful examination, he still didn't find any clues.

The consciousness that passed from his inner world was still very strong, but he could no longer determine the direction through his inner world after he entered the cave.

The only thing he had done was to pull the Great Weighty Sword out from the gangue and place it steadily on the ground.

The inside of the cave was absolutely silent. It seemed that no living creature had entered it for countless years.

Anyone who was well-versed in geology and geomancy would be dumbstruck to see such a large cave in the gangue layer.

Generally speaking, the whole divine land had a smooth and neat topography.

Its outermost layer was composed of ordinary soil. Underneath it was a layer of gangue, beneath the gangue was a layer of flint that was a hundred times tougher than the gangue, and below the flint was a layer of soft stone.

The soft stone was flexible enough that even a top-rank True God would find it hard to break it. Green magma, known as the Lethal Fire Magma flowed under the soft stones. This magma was so dangerous that even if a Holy Being fell into it, they wouldn't be able to escape.

For so many years, numerous True Gods had explored the forbidden lands while the Holy Beings had seen the chaos outside the divine land. However, no one still knew what exactly was in the core of the divine land.

Over a hundred divine eras ago, there had been three Holy Beings who had been in the Lethal Fire Magma. One of them died, and the other two had gotten injured. In the end, they had no choice but to retreat.

It was because of that reason that many True Gods believed that they were still far from truly understanding the divine land, and the related rumor that had spread throughout the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands wasn't exactly true.

The gangue layer was considered as the second layer of the divine land. Most of the caves in the divine land were on the soft soil. In addition, it was nearly impossible for large caves to be formed on the gangue layer due to the pressure under the soil that had been there for countless divine eras.

Zen slowly moved his Great Weighty Sword across the cave. The tip of the sword emitted a beam of clean light. Since Zen couldn't find the black thing, he explored the cave first.

While the sheer size of the cave was astounding, the cave's most striking part was the round stone in its center.

As Zen walked to the side of the round rock, he found that there was something odd when he took closer look. "What the hell is that thing?" he and Master Evil in his mind cried out at the same time.

On top of the circular stone that was two hundred feet w


This cave, however, was beyond his understanding!


Just then, he suddenly felt something move beneath his feet. His eyes flashed and he exerted force on his heels, which caused his whole body to tumble.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh..."

Pieces of thin, sharp gangue shot out from the ground like rapidly growing stalagmites. Then, the sharp protrusions tried to pierce him! The toughness of the special gangue was on par with Zen's Great Weighty Sword. It could even injure a normal True God, let alone a proving godly warrior.

Meanwhile, Zen surprisingly rolled away quite fast. However, the gangue that protruded from the ground was slightly more powerful!

It wasn't long before the entire cave was densely packed with sharp rocks, just like a monster nest filled with spikes.

During the entire process, Zen moved constantly. As soon as he stopped however, a rock flew out from beneath him. In the end, he could only grit his teeth and leap upwards towards the round stone.

The moment he leapt through the air, many sharp, slender pieces of gangue stretched out for several hundred feet from both the top and bottom of the cave. They were like long snakes that coiled themselves up to bite him.

"Boom, boom, boom..."

In turn, Zen slashed the rapidly growing needles of gangue with his Great Weighty Sword. With the help of the momentum from the attack, he finally got to jump onto the round rock!


However, the series of unfortunate events weren't done. Zen was shocked to discover that just as he stepped on the round stone, the entire cave began to quake.

There was nothing wrong with his judgment, as no sharp thorns grew on the round stone. However, hundreds of stalagmites grew out from the top of the cave and began to envelope both him and the round stone!

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