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   Chapter 2200 Digging Deep

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Devin refrained himself from following Zen into the cave.

The members of the Tie clan above the giant pit had paid close attention to Zen's activities. They showed interest when they felt Zen had discovered something.

But needless to say, right now they felt a bit disappointed.

They could only watch helplessly while this outsider called Thad kept digging in their territory. It was obvious that nobody would be happy about it.

And the frustrating part was that they could not even identify the object!

They had spent all their time digging on the mountain which by now had formed a huge pit. But they still could not find any more mud. Whereas, Zen had just arrived and already found some clues.

"Even if Thad finds some mud, should we just let him take it with him?"

"I am not in the favor of allowing some random outsider to take us for granted!"

"But what options are we left with? Suppose we find the mud. Then what do we do about it? What good would that do? Should we ask Linn to sell it? Don't you know that there are mud sellers everywhere in the Money Alley right now?"

Some of the Tie Clan members realized the crux of the problem. They were in deep thought with this realization.

Even if they found the mud that possessed intelligence, they wouldn't be able to sell it for much money in the Money Alley. Others would definitely show hesitation in believing their words. Who could affirm that it was the same sort of mud that Zen had bought from them? And if at all it could be proved that it was the similar mud, what use could it bring to others? Nobody knew the purpose of this mysterious mud except for Zen himself.

And to make matters worse, there were rumors that Zen and the Tie Clan had joined hands to sell a nominal piece of mud for an enormous price just to deceive those who were completely unaware of the truth.

The elders of the Tie Clan were not dimwitted. They had listened to Devin's suggestion and allowed him to invite Zen over to the Tie Clan after careful consideration. Even if the mud that Zen wanted was indeed rare, it was the result of Zen's discerning eyes. They would have to allow Zen to take it.

The tunnel that Zen had created was horizontal. He kept changing positions in the long and narrow cave, going by the movements of his inner world.

As he followed the path in the cave and excavated a distance of over a thousand feet, his inner world suddenly became still.

"Looks like I've gone too far," Zen concluded.

He turned around and walked down the tunnel as he paid close attention to the changes in his inner world. When his inner world became active again, he immediately stopped, "This is where it is! It should be around here!"

Zen did not let others know that he was not very confident in his judgment. He was completely relying on his inner world's reaction t

scene below him. It was a cave with a width of over ten thousand feet. In the middle of the cave was a two hundred feet wide square brown rock.

As Zen intently gazed at the rock, he suddenly felt a movement behind him!

He quickly pulled his sword from the gangue and felt himself plummeting inside the cave. As he was falling, Zen quickly rolled over and could make out a black form at the top of the cave.

The black form looked like a figure made out of mud. The form had stretched out its thin needle-like hand and intended to launch a sneak attack on Zen's back. After that attack failed, its needle-like hand rapidly transformed into the shape of a gecko's claw that pressed against the top of the cave and began to climb up.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The mysterious thing emitted a series of strange sounds as it climbed. Its speed was extremely fast and it quickly disappeared from Zen's vision.

"This thing... Is it the same sort of mud as I absorbed?"

When Zen saw the form, he felt a surging consciousness within his inner world. It was almost exactly the same way he had felt in the Money Alley. Right now, the consciousness within his inner world was constantly reminding Zen to swallow that form. And he must do it immediately!

Of course, Zen would not let this chance slip by. The moment he landed on the ground, he infused enough strength into his legs and jumped up, shooting towards the spot where the black form had disappeared.


Zen once again inserted his sword into the gangue so that he could hang himself at the top of the cave. He looked at the wall at the top of the cave with a slight frown.

He had clearly seen that the black thing had disappeared from this spot. Then where did it vanish? There was only a layer of glossy black gangue above him. There was no place to hide. Was it possible that the black thing had hidden itself into the gangue?

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