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   Chapter 2199 Digging A Passageway

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Thad was being quietly observed by some of the Tie Clan members either sitting or standing around the mountain.

It was known that a piece of mud could be sold for five hundred divine might coins which shocked everyone. The elders of the Tie Clan announced that whoever dug out another piece of that mud would receive a generous reward.

Wanting to try their luck to obtain the reward, everyone including women and children in the Tie Clan moved out.

But no matter how deep they dug, the mud would always turn out to be ordinary. They had never run into the kind of mud that could jump and run and would be spiritual again.

Zen stood at the edge of the large pit. Looking down, he saw that the pit as deep as three thousand feet was dug beneath the whole mountain.

It was impossible for the divine citizens to dig such a huge pit in such a short amount of time. The True Gods of the Tie Clan must have been involved, and some of them seemed to be mid-rank True Gods.

Zen sighed in his heart. These True Gods were truly different from what he had imagined.

Living in the Evolutionary Universe, Zen had always thought that the True Gods was a lofty existence. No one ever dared to offend them as they looked down upon all living beings below the True God's level. They were out of touch, and nothing could stop them.

After he arrived in the divine land, Zen discovered that these True Gods were more like ordinary people to some extent.

In order to preserve the purity of their mortal bodies, the martial artists of the Evolutionary Universe would usually choose not to eat grains saving them a great deal of trouble. For those who continued to eat grain, they had to purify their bodies every once in a while.

Only few True Gods of the divine land chose not to eat. They only viewed all kinds of delicacies as a great pleasure.

The Tie Clan had many True Gods, and due to the benefits of the five hundred divine might coins, they had dug such a huge pit. Every single one of them were affected, controlled, and driven crazy by the divine might coins.

Zen realized that this scene might have something wrong with it. He once again asked in his mind, "Master Evil, what is the use of divine might coins?"

The divine might coin had a great value. For instance, a single divine might coin could be saved up by a proving godly warrior only after he or she struggled for many years. Zen became curious about the source of the value of the divine might coin. Why on earth did this piece of black disk have so much value?

"Hehe..." Master Evil laughed, "I will only tell you after you enter the Floating Island. Now you can still let me keep you in susp

about to climb up the side, he suddenly felt a slight tremor in his body.

His entire body froze on the spot, a strange look flashing through his eyes.

'It seems to be here...' Zen thought in his heart.

The movements within his inner world were rather weak, but he was still able to detect them.

His inner world's consciousness was not very sure towards this special mud as its reaction was very weak. Yet, it still sent a signal to Zen.

"Thad?" Devin asked curiously as he saw Zen suddenly stopped.

Zen turned around and smiled at Devin, asking, "Can I dig here?"

"Of course, go ahead," Devin uttered and waved his hand. He sincerely hoped that Zen would find what he was looking for.

Zen reached for his sword hilt and pulled his sword fiercely. The Great Weighty Sword appeared in his hand. Twisting it lightly caused the Great Weighty Sword to spin and pierce towards the side of the pit.


The Great Weighty Sword touched the soft soil and the power within was like an invisible ripple, spinning along the soil.

By the time he withdrew his Great Weighty Sword, a circular passageway about sixty to seventy feet long had appeared in front of him. This passageway seemed to have been carved out of the tip of a sharp knife. It clearly showed Zen's powerful ability to use strength.

Without the slightest hesitation, Zen charged into the passageway in the blink of an eye.

The moment he entered the passageway, the consciousness in his inner world gradually became clearer making his heart beat faster and faster. It seemed like that kind of special mud was more than just a piece.

Reaching the end of the passageway, Zen stabbed out with his sword once again. He was like a mouse completely immersed in digging a long and narrow hole.

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