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   Chapter 2198 Tie Clan

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As soon as Linn saw Zen, a faint smile surfaced on her pretty face. "What are you going to buy this time?" she asked, cocking her head. "I dug out a few more pieces of mud. Interested?"

"What?" Zen was slightly surprised. His gaze fell to the stall before her. As she had said, several pieces of mud covered the panel.

However, this time Zen's inner world did not react to the mud like it had last time. Clearly, these pieces of mud were ordinary. Zen smirked at her. This little girl was brazen enough to dig out a few pieces of mud straight from the ground and sell them unabashedly.

Once the Tie Clan sold the piece of mud to Zen, the curiosity of many members was piqued. Earlier, Linn's uncle, Alfred, had decided that the mud was not ordinary, but after many evaluations, the Tie Clan lost their patience and handed over the mud to Linn without a second thought. No one in the clan knew about the use and origin of the piece of mud.

Zen, naturally, was not aware of the internal affairs of the Tie Clan. He also did not imagine that a series of ramifications would occur once he bought the piece of mud with so much money.

The Tie Clan never would have dreamed that someone could spend five hundred divine might coins on some mud. It had caught them unaware.

Certainly, Thad was not a fool in their eyes. The fact that he was willing to pay such a steep price for the mud, coupled with his astonishing performance in the Heavenly Han House, was enough to make the clan believe that the dirt was indeed highly valuable.

Some of the Tie Clan members had been regretful, thinking that Linn should have asked for a higher place. However, just a few days ago, there was still someone who had criticized her for her tactics.

Linn did not care for the voices in the first place, but the pedantic elders in the clan were getting worse and worse. Even if this piece of mud was some extraordinary treasure, it was sold already and should now be irrelevant to them.

To Linn, doing business meant pursuing the greatest gains, so she did not hesitate to ask for a high price. She felt it was her prerogative.

However, she paid heed to honesty and integrity each time. No matter how much damage she incurred, she would not regret her approach.

At this time, everyone in the Tie Clan suddenly found themselves extraordinarily busy. This was not only because Devin was taking the Heavenly Han House's test, but also because of the piece of mud. The small hill where the Tie Clan had dug out the piece of mud had been turned upside down in search for more treasure. They hoped to dig out a second piece of that exceptionable mud, but so far, it was to no avail.

Linn, on the other hand, had casually dug out some ordinary mud outside of the Six-Burden Divine City. Each piece of mud was priced at five divine might coins. Seeing her sell it

had failed the test, like Devin himself.

Zen immediately agreed to Linn's request.

The Tie Clan had some property in the Six-Burden Divine City. Following Linn's guidance, Zen quickly found Devin.

Devin's mood these few days had indeed slumped, but his personality was such that he did not suffer too much of a blow. Instead, he made an ambitious decision. He did not pass the test this year, but he was sure to come back next year. And if he did not pass next year either, then he would try for the year after. He was determined to demonstrate his full abilities. For a proving godly warrior, a few decades was only a short period of time.

Three days later, Zen left the Six-Burden Divine City under Devin's lead and headed toward the Tie Clan.

As the ancestral land of the Han Clan, the Six-Burden Region was much larger in terms of the area it covered.

Although the Tie Clan was said to be just outside of the Six-Burden Divine City, the distance it took to reach there was not short. It took them half a month to arrive at the place.

For the Tie Clan, Zen, the genius who had turned up out of the blue was an honored guest. Apart from a round of warm hospitality, the Tie Clan's elders wanted to draw out from Zen the true use of the mud.

But how could Zen give them the explanation they wanted? In the end, he managed to dodge their queries. When the Tie Clan saw that Zen was unwilling to answer, they did not pursue the matter further.

Some rounds of entertainment later, Devin escorted Zen out of the Tie Clan and headed to the mountain where they had dug out the piece of magical mud.

When Zen arrived at the mountain and saw it full of potholes, he was rendered speechless. The earth was in disarray. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Tie Clan had dug deep into the ground to look for the mud.

However, it seemed like they had gained nothing so far.

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