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   Chapter 2197 Agreement

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At last, Bentley's words quickly broke the tense atmosphere that blanketed the whole main hall.

At the same time, Zen also sighed in relief, but he still firmly said, "If you still want to test me, I will leave the Heavenly Han House. Everyone wants to go to the Floating Island, but this won't be my only chance."

Upon hearing Zen's words, Malloy felt slightly moved.

There were many highly talented proving godly warriors in the Heavenly Han House, but most of them were wildly arrogant. However, none of them was actually sure that they would enter the Floating Island. Meanwhile, Malloy saw absolute confidence in Zen's face, and he believed that Zen was capable of doing so.

Even if the Heavenly Han House didn't help Zen, it wouldn't be too hard for him to enter the Floating Island.

"Young man, it seems that you're still angry," Bentley said to Zen with a chuckle. "You almost broke my old bones, but I won't seek revenge for that…"

"According to Master Malloy, you don't accept people with unknown origins," Zen abruptly said in a serious tone.

Bentley blinked, and then turned to stare at Malloy.

The real reason why they invited Bentley over was to discuss the said matter. However, Bentley attacked Zen once he had arrived. Apparently, he had discovered Zen's inexplicable power and was greatly interested in the younger man's true strength.

"Who said you came from the unknown? Your name is Thad Luo, right? You were born in Misty Mountain Village, a suburb of Mirror City in the Vast Sky Region. You are highly talented, have infinite power and have devoured strange objects since a young age. And, you have learned from powerhouses..." The longer Bentley spoke, the wilder the tales that he fabricated. He even made up some stories about Zen's childhood. It sounded true at first, but after careful consideration, it didn't.

However, Malloy looked quite happy. He guessed that Bentley was in favor of him. Bentley was still responsible for checking Thad's origins. Since the Han Clan had been on the Floating Island for a long time, it was impossible for them to thoroughly investigate many things, so they believed whatever Bentley said without any doubts. In their case, as long as he could forge a fake identity for Thad, everything would go smoothly.

"What if, I mean, what if..." On the other hand, Luke appeared quite wary as he said, "It's not that I don't trust Thad, but if he is plotting something, then what should we do when his plot is exposed?"

Bentley glared angrily at Luke. "Don't worr

s and was able to act accordingly and reasonably.

As for Zen, he wasn't interested in the things that they discussed. Whoever helped him enter the Floating Island wasn't important, as he thought it would be best if Malloy forged an identity for him. If the Han Clan didn't suspect anything, then the other great clans on the Floating Islands wouldn't have any doubts.

After Zen had left the main hall, he didn't return to his own residence. Instead, he headed towards the Money Alley.

Bentley had already informed the Han Clan on the Floating Island, so Zen wouldn't have much time to stay in Six-Burden Divine City. He had to hurry and investigate where the mud came from. He didn't expect the Heavenly Han House to help him condense the Godly Tile and become a True God. Thus, that piece of mud from the Tie Clan was the key to condensing the Godly Tile.

In the Money Alley, Linn sat and took care of her clan's stall. She looked as bored as ever as her eyes blankly stared into the distance.

She didn't participate in the test of the Heavenly Han House this time. It wasn't that her clan wasn't able to get a slot--she could even get many slots easily with her way of management.

However, her innate talent for cultivation was quite mediocre. If she relied on her own strength to condense the Godly Tile, it might take too long for her to progress. Therefore, she might have to implant an ownerless Godly Tile someday.

Just then, Zen appeared in front of Linn. Her eyes immediately glowed with a strange light. Anyone who knew her would know that she would only look that way when she saw divine might coins.

Clearly, Zen was like a heap of divine might coins in her eyes.

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