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   Chapter 2196 A Little Freak

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Zen's intention wasn't to offend this guy in any way.

That said though, having been toyed with like an ant over and over again, Zen had had enough. Even a Buddha would have become angry with such teasing.

As Zen took action, the Nine Divine Stars in his body began revolving crazily. The surging energy quickly converged into a torrent of energy that gushed outward, gathering in his hands faster than ever!

In addition to the thirty percent of strength source that his body could withstand, he also released the remaining seventy percent of his power through the Cross-world Theurgy. This seventy percent power formed a giant invisible hand that grabbed the middle section of his opponent's arm.

In that very moment, it was as if Zen had three hands that worked together and simultaneously grabbed Bentley.

Bentley, who was a top-rank True God, had already condensed Six Divine Stars, therefore, he also had his own strength source.

Despite that though, the six stars that were hidden within his body were much smaller than Zen's.

The strength source of the Nine Divine Stars in Zen's body came from Holy Jay. At the time, he had absorbed a third of Holy Jay's total strength source. Although Zen's use of the strength source was far from being as efficient as Holy Jay's, and the fact was that it didn't even compare to Bentley's power in the least, it was still completely terrifying when it poured out!

Moreover, Bentley hadn't expected Zen to unleash such a terrifying power. He felt that Zen's hands were like iron pincers, and even more shockingly, there was an invisible hand that seemed to be grabbing onto him at the same time. Furthermore, the invisible hand's power was great, causing his arm to creak. He felt like it was going to snap like a twig on a tree.

This overwhelming power only lasted for a brief moment. With a flip of his body, Zen twisted his hand and threw Bentley backward!

Beneath the surge of such a huge force, Bentley didn't have time to resist. Confusion was written all over his wrinkled face as Zen sent him flying at an extremely fast speed. His body soared through the air and smashed into the wall of the main building, destroying it into hundreds of little pieces.

The wall then turned into dust in a flash, as if it was made of flour. This hit didn't stop Bentley's momentum though.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…

After smashing through at least seven or eight walls consecutively, Bentley had finally managed to stop himself from going further by relying on his own power and strength. Finally, his body collapsed to the ground with an atrocious thud.

Bentley's body was now covered in dust, and before landing, he had crashed into a few flower pots. A few fresh and tender flowers were stuck in his hair, making him look both bedraggled and odd at the same time.

Bentley, who was still lying on the ground, was still in a daze and felt dizzy. It took him at least half a minute before finally reacting. Upon standing up, he saw a room full of people, including the old man surnamed Wu, who was giving a lecture to the disciples of the Heavenly Han House.

As he

d had thrown him out in such a way, causing him to suffer a huge loss as well as lose his face. Master Evil had every reason to be worried that things might not end so well for Zen...

"If I were to tolerate that over and over again, what would this guy have ended up doing to me?" Zen retorted in his mind. "He did that only to force me to show the limits of my strength, or to investigate my background. I can die, but there are some things that will never be revealed," he said aloud in his mind.

His father had indeed placed his greatest hopes in him, but Zen wasn't his only hope. After all, there were still Nathan and the other Godly Geniuses in the Evolutionary Universe.

Upon hearing this, Master Evil fell silent. He could feel Zen's determination, and he understood how heavy the burden on his back was for him to reach his goal. Although he had an extraordinary origin, that he was the son of a Holy Being and what was more, he was a disciple of another Holy Being, he still had to pay a greater price than any other ordinary warriors with such unique advantages.

Zen's gaze was as calm as the surface of a motionless lake as he stared at Bentley, who was walking over through the holes, one wall at a time.

Bentley stepped out from the final hole and gently shook himself. An invisible force spread out from his body, causing all the dust, rubble, and broken leaves to disappear. His body was now completely clean, and his face was expressionless. No one could read him, and no one could tell how he was feeling.

Malloy, Luke, and Declan held their silence. They didn't dare say anything more. Although Bentley had an eccentric temperament, he was still the leader of the Han Clan sub-branches. They had no idea how Bentley planned to deal with Zen. Bentley's personality had always been unpredictable though, to say the least.

To everyone's surprise, Bentley laughed and said to Zen, "Good. Although I don't know how you've managed to cultivate such power, I think the old freaks on the Floating Island would be very happy to see a little freak just like you!"

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