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   Chapter 2195 Testing Zen

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Across all the divine land, only top-rank True Gods and those above their level had the right to fly in the skies.

In the past, Zen had never known very much about the rules set by the Holy Beings. It wasn't that proving godly warriors and low to mid-rank True Gods couldn't fly, but that their abilities were actually limited.

Thanks to Master Evil's explanation though, Zen was capable of solving the doubt he felt in both heart and mind.

The wealthy and powerful clans on the Floating Islands that had entered the Time Sea first were all bent on consolidating their status. Therefore, they would without a doubt use all sorts of methods in order to hinder the other clans from rising to prominence.

For this reason, back in the middle ages, many wealthy and powerful clans on the Floating Islands teamed up together in order to establish such a rule on the Ruling Slate. It was thus stipulated that only those on and above the level of top-rank True Gods could fly in the air, and that furthermore, only those on and above the level of consummate True Gods could use the Space Law.

Due to this rule, the newcomers naturally lost many opportunities. After all, there were many forbidden areas within the divine land that would be very difficult for them to explore if they weren't allowed to fly.

Therefore, very few newcomers had been bestowed the title of Holy Being over the past few years. Becoming a Holy Being was now quite a challenge.

Someone suddenly flew down from the sky and steadily landed without hesitation in the main hall.

Immediately after his arrival, a faint sense of majesty spread throughout the hall. Although he didn't release any soul pressure, he did give off a very natural force. The force itself didn't come from him in fact, but from his inner world.

As a top-rank True God, his inner world had already been perfected. It had become a huge entity, and therefore he radiated a sense of majesty. Similarly, Estelle on the second floor of the dungeon gave Zen an inexplicable sense of mystery.

The individual who had just landed looked extremely young, but his face faintly revealed a sense of lethargy. It was almost certain that in reality, he must have lived for a long time, and he must be unimaginably old.

Malloy, Luke, and Declan stood up and saluted him. Upon seeing them do so, Zen equally followed suit. Despite the fact that the Heavenly Han House seemed to want to expel him, he still had to be polite and show his respect, at the very least.

The arrival was Bentley Han, the man whom Malloy had mentioned earlier. He was the leader of all the Han Clan's sub-branches, and thus, the twenty-seven sub-branches were all under his command.

It was just a few days ago that he had heard about Zen. Not long afterward, he came to find out that Zen was born in a strange place, and therefore, he presented himself today in order to decide what should be done.

Once Bentley had pleasantly greeted everyone present, his gaze shifted directly to Zen. When he noticed Zen's Redemption Armor, his eyes opened wide as he asked, "What kind of treasure is this robe you're wearing?"

Malloy and the other two also paid attention to Zen's robe as Bentley asked this question. From the outside, Zen's dark robe didn't look like anything special.

oon as he could and turned himself around.

As he was standing there though, he began to feel an irresistible force coming from behind him, pushing him forward by several steps and almost knocking him down again. Zen suddenly looked very miserable.

Malloy, Luke, and Declan quickly looked at each other. Their expressions were wild, their hearts in turmoil.

They had invited Bentley to decide whether or not to keep Zen. After all, Bentley was the leader of sub-branches. They hadn't expected the fact that Bentley had never asked them about Zen's origins and background, nor had he discussed whether to keep Zen with them. Instead, as soon as he had arrived, he had begun teasing Zen.

After all, he was a top-rank True God. Was there really any point in fooling around with a proving godly warrior? Did he not feel shameless?

Moreover, Zen had been very tough when they threatened to expel him earlier. Would Bentley offend him by acting in such a way?

Malloy was unsure of all this. After a moment of hesitation, he stretched out his hand and shouted, "Master Bentley..."

Bentley ignored him and simply smiled with relish instead. "You haven't fallen yet? Then watch this!" With that, he once again turned into a gust of wind and floated toward Zen.

This time, Zen's eyes flashed with a fierce light. He respected Bentley as a top-rank True God, but these repeated attacks were too much for him to handle right now. He didn't dodge the attack this time and only used a single hand to swipe at Bentley.

Bentley's face revealed a look of contempt. In his opinion, a proving godly warrior was just as weak as a baby. He reached out his left hand in an attempt to brush away Zen's right hand.

However, just as he reached outward, Zen abruptly changed his hand's direction and firmly grabbed Bentley's arm like a pair of iron pincers.

Given his reaction and speed though, it was very easy for Bentley to avoid Zen.

Despite that though, he didn't attempt to dodge Zen at all. Instead, he planned to use brute force in order to break free from Zen's grasp once he had caught his arm.

Unexpectedly, just as he tried to struggle free slightly, his expression suddenly froze.

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