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   Chapter 2194 A Top-rank True God (Part Two)

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In their eyes, this proving godly warrior was like a tender shoot that had just emerged from the ground. Zen was a little too strong for his own good, though. If he were to condense a Godly Tile in his inner world in the future, wouldn't he naturally become a disciple of the Holy Emperor?

"Not necessarily, you don't have to. In the past, the sub-branches of the Han Clan have always been one and the same! How could we let you bear all the responsibility alone?" Luke Han said.

"Yeah... Why don't we ask Thad about it later? Maybe it's not as we're imagining it to be," Declan Han was next to speak.

Both Luke Han and Declan Han offered their words with a slight awkwardness.

It was at that moment that someone was heard uttering just outside the main hall, "Thad Luo has arrived!"

Malloy nodded in response and said, "Let him in."

It was only a few short moments later that Zen slowly walked inside.

Malloy's lips curled into a smile and he said politely, "Thad, please sit here."

Zen nodded his head and sat down in the chair, a little off to the side. At the same time, he asked, "May I know why you've summoned me here?"

In total honesty, Zen had a rough idea of that reason. Seeing as he had already spoken of where he came from to the Han Clan, they had definitely summoned him in order to investigate his background.

Prior to leaving the Misty Mountain Village, Zen had told the villagers to keep his identity a secret from all the others. However, most of the divine citizens of the Misty Mountain Village had never been to a divine city. It was thus impossible for them to hide it from the members of the Heavenly Han House.

Today, it was highly li

he would find himself another way.

If he were to reveal his identity though, now that would be quite a serious matter. It was impossible for him to reveal his identity just to enter the Heavenly Han House.

As the words left his mouth, Luke Han and Declan Han kept silent. They had wanted to threaten Zen with the qualification to join the Heavenly Han House, but Zen didn't seem to care in the least.

Malloy glanced at Luke Han and Declan Han indifferently, and shrugged his shoulders. He knew that Zen wasn't an idiot, and since he possessed such great talent, every proving godly house would be eager to admit him. Did he even care about the qualification to join the Heavenly Han House? Malloy continued wondering to himself.

Just as Malloy was thinking about how to continue his attempt in persuading Zen, a figure appeared in the sky above the Heavenly Han House, slowly descending into its main hall.

"This warrior can actually fly within the divine land..."

Zen's eyes suddenly flashed with astonishment, realizing that the warrior was a top-rank True God. But who was he? And why did he come here?

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