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   Chapter 2193 A Top-rank True God (Part One)

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Malloy was seated within the main hall of the Heavenly Han House. There were equally two people sitting by his side, both of whom were at the peak of the cultivation level of mid-rank True Gods.

They weren't True Gods of the Heavenly Han House who taught the Godly Ways, but they were leaders of the Han Clan sub-branches.

Although the sub-branches of the Han Clan were not considered as powerful as the rich clans on the Floating Islands, they were still first-tier clans. The strength and number of the True Gods from these clans far exceeded that of ordinary second-tier or third-tier clan.

Currently, there were a total of twenty-seven sub-branches of Han Clan, each respectively led by one of the twenty-seven sub-branch leaders. These two specific individuals were the leader of the ninth sub-branch, Luke Han, and the leader of the twelfth sub-branch, Declan Han. Zane, who himself had just entered the Heavenly Han House, was Luke Han's son.

"The news we received earlier from Mirror City has just been confirmed. Thad Luo's origin is very suspicious," Luke Han said with a frown.

Ever since the moment Zen had risen to prominence in the Brilliant Moon Restaurant, many forces had tried to track his background down. However, at the time, the information that Zen had provided was too little, and despite their many inquiries, they still hadn't found any clues concerning Zen's background. For this reason, on their list, they could only describe him as 'the mysterious youth'.

Not long ago though, during the Heavenly Han House examination in fact, Zen had mentioned that he came from the Misty Mountain Village of the Vast Sky Region.

That was when the Han Clan had sent people out to investigate Zen's identity.

And the Han Clan's efficiency was very high. Within no more than a f

se, hmm? As long as the two of you and Bentley agree, I won't hesitate, not even for a second!"

Upon hearing Malloy's words, Declan Han and Luke Han fell silent, adding nothing more to the conversation.

"To put it bluntly, you both just want me to take all the responsibility. You want to recommend Thad to the Floating Island, but you're equally worried about his unknown origin. If something happens in the future, you don't want to be implicated." Malloy's eyes glittered. "If that's the case, then speak up, and I will take the responsibility!"

Malloy's words had clearly revealed Luke Han's and Declan Han's true feelings. Their facial features were completely distorted now.

If the Han Clan sub-branches didn't provide a suitable candidate, then the Han Clan would really take some actions, and if that were to be the case, the twenty-seven Han Clan sub-branches would be in deep trouble.

Through the Heavenly Han House's test, they were capable of figuring out that Zen had a remarkable talent. This fellow clearly surpassed an ordinary talent, and by far. Even among the rich clans on the Floating Islands, never had there been such an extraordinary proving godly warrior in the past!

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