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   Chapter 2192 The End Of The Big Test (Part Two)

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The sixty-seven proving godly warriors here, in this wondrous courtyard, were the lucky ones that had passed this year's Heavenly Han House test.

A handful of them, such as Zane and Seth, had been acknowledged by the Godly Way Tablets on the very first day that they entered the Consulting God Hall. They had easily been waiting here for six days now.

Zen sat upright on a large stone beside a rockery, his eyes closed as he attempted to recuperate his strength as best he could.

As it was, his soul was currently in a deep slumber, and this was the 'Soul Recovery Technique' that Master Evil had taught him. The cultivation methods that Master Evil practiced were nothing extraordinary, nor did they have any special origins. But someone like Master Evil, who had learned martial arts in his own way, indeed had a few practical methods to share.

The Soul Recovery Technique for one, was a technique that allowed one to reserve a little soul power in order to maintain a minimum of vigilance, while the soul fell into a deep slumber. This way, one would be capable of recovering their soul power more rapidly within a shorter period of time.

Throughout the past few days though, Zen had simply felt too tired. He needed to have a good rest in order to better replenish the soul force that he had consumed.

As for the other proving godly warriors, they gathered in groups of twos or threes. Most of them wore very excited expressions, as if they were very surprised that they managed to pass Heavenly Han House's test. It was only natural for them to feel such joy.

It wasn't until the very last moment, on the seventh day in the Consulting God Hall, that May received the acknowl

ling Blade', which was an extremely rare supreme primordial weapon, but it was impossible for it to possess such outrageous abilities. If Zen was given the chance to observe all the three thousand Godly Ways, wouldn't he be able to master all of them?

As the voice of Master Evil faded away from his mind, the purple mist in Zen's hand began to dissipate and once again condensed itself into traces of a grayish-white internal momentum.

The streams of greyish-white internal momentum quickly condensed into a small, round shield. A large number of hexagonal patterns appeared on the surface of the shield, making it resemble a tortoise shell. This was a technique used to protect one's body from the Tortoise Godly Way.

While Zen was continuously experimenting with his newfound techniques, a voice came from outside. "Thad, the house master wants to meet you," it said.

Upon hearing the voice from a short distance away, Zen jumped up from the ground. With a flip of his palm, the tortoise shell instantly disappeared, and a profound look appeared in his eyes. He wondered what the hell Malloy wanted to say to him.

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