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   Chapter 2191 The End Of The Big Test (Part One)

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The test that took place within the Consulting God Hall of Heavenly Han House usually lasted a total of seven days.

To proving godly warriors, the Heavenly Han House's test wasn't just an exam to verify their abilities, but even more so, an opportunity for cultivation.

There were a few of the proving godly warriors who usually listened to the teachings of True Gods outside the Heavenly Han House. Now that they were inside the Consulting God Hall, they were capable of using what they had learned in order to comprehend the internal momentum inscribed on the Godly Way Tablets.

Despite the fact that these Godly Way Tablets were only mere imitations, being here was still a rare opportunity for such proving godly warriors to cultivate.

Throughout the seven days, more and more proving godly warriors were recognized by the Godly Way Tablets. For these proving godly warriors, they entered the most crucial stage in their entire lives after the recognition. It was then that their fate would be completely changed forever.

This was because the chances of one mastering Godly Ways in the Heavenly Han House were rather high. Becoming a True God in the future was equivalent to obtaining the chance of living forever, as well as other limitless possibilities.

As for Zen, things were a little different on his behalf.

Over the past few days, all of the proving godly warriors present had been used to watching miracles he had created.

Zen tirelessly traversed through the Godly Way Tablets, continuously absorbing their internal momentum and he was equally constantly acknowledged by the Godly Way Tablets.

Other than the Grand Purple Aura Technique, there were certain other Godly Ways that required special conditions and physiques for cultivation. However, despite the fact that Zen had ignored these requirements, h

Clan came to select warriors was also the year when the Heavenly Han House held a bigger test. These proving godly warriors hoped that they would be lucky enough to be chosen by the Han Clan and enter the Floating Island, thus becoming a member of the divine land's core power and rising to prominence.

That said though, the Han Clan sub-branches equally had special rights when it came to recommending warriors. If they were to meet an extremely outstanding warrior, they wouldn't have to wait the aforementioned 16 years. The only requirement was to send someone to apply to the main Han Clan, but the precondition was that the warrior really had outstanding abilities.

The few proving godly warriors who had successfully passed through the Heavenly Han House's test were arranged to stay in a courtyard, while the rest were dismissed. Those who failed could only wait until next year to take the test once again.

The courtyard where the select sixty-seven stayed was very elegantly constructed, with a few bridges built on top of a beautiful pond. Within the pond, a group of little fish with golden scales could be seen swimming around happily. Pink lotus flowers adorned the water and here, they would never wilt.

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