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   Chapter 2190 Comprehension

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The unending stream of fire birds rushed into Zen's mind, being destroyed like the internal momentum formed from the Grand Purple Aura Technique.

When Zen closed his eyes, the sharp golden light on his soul's surface flashed, and all the fire birds formed from the internal momentum flames were exterminated instantly.

While killing the fire birds that drilled into his mind, Zen also quietly observed the Infinity Ruler in his head.

With his current abilities, he was still unable to control the ruler. Just now, when the ruler activated its special ability, it did so on its own.

Now that Zen had paid attention to it, he finally discovered the reason.

After the fire birds were shattered by Zen's soul pressure, they turned into the internal momentum power, quietly absorbed by Infinity Ruler.

When the Infinity Ruler absorbed all the remaining internal momentum power to a certain extent, a golden light erupted from the section of the Infinity Ruler.


The golden light moved from one end of the ruler to the other, finally stopping at a scale on top of it.

'This scale should be the location the ruler reserved for the Elementary Fire Godly Way.' As he had guessed, Zen understood that these three thousand scales corresponded to three thousand Godly Ways—even the location of each Godly Way had already been set!

When the light stopped at the scale, another blazing light burst out and enveloped Zen's mind.

When Zen opened his eyes again, a pair of golden light rings appeared around his pupils.


With Zen's eyesight, he could see that on the tablet of the Elementary Fire Godly Way in front of him, the pure flames were like the unceasing surging of waves—the internal momentum became extremely chaotic.

Although others might have thought that the internal momentum was a mess, Zen could see through everything it contained.

"The Elementary Fire Godly Way is the fire source... All the Fire Laws were developed from the Elementary Fire Godly Way. This Godly Way is divided into four different levels. The first level is to control fire, the second is to create fire, the third is to create spirit essence, and the fourth is to turn into objects..."

In others' eyes, the internal momentum seemed incomparably profound—it would have been difficult to understand even if one spent ten thousand years in comprehension. But in Zen's eyes, the mysterious internal momentum seemed rather simple.

Even though Zen's comprehension ability far exceeded that of an ordinary talent, it was impossible for him to achieve such a level—that sudden enlightenment allowed Zen to see through the true meaning of the Godly Way Tablet in a short period of time. It all started with the Infinity Ruler.

Soon after, the light on the ruler dimmed along with the rings of light around Zen's pupils. Finally,

strange thing.

"I heard that after Pascal became a proving godly warrior and returned from the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, he had comprehended four Godly Ways consecutively in a year. He was also already an outstanding warrior on the Floating Island. Thad Luo has now been acknowledged by three Godly Ways, and he..." Malloy's expression turned solemn, but his heart was filled with ecstasy.

He had to prove his value to the Han Clan after he took the position of the leader of the Heavenly Han House. If he really did recommend Zen, the Han Clan would be more friendly toward the sub-branches of the clan.

"He doesn't have any plans to stop. He has already climbed to the fourth Godly Way Tablet," the old man surnamed Chen said.

"Should we go and stop him? It's too much," said another True God.

Malloy looked rather hesitant, but eventually, he shook his head. He couldn't tell how Zen had done it, but since Zen didn't want to step out, Malloy had no intention of stopping him.

And so, in front of everyone, Zen comprehended the fifth tablet, the sixth tablet, the seventh...

The scene left everyone stunned.

Many proving godly warriors could only sigh as they groped for their own Godly Way, hoping to gain the acknowledgement of the Godly Way Tablet by comprehending it.

Soon enough, Seth came in third, passing the test. But he didn't look the slightest bit happy about it. After all, there was a remarkable warrior in the Consulting God Hall that could easily earn the acknowledgement of the Godly Way as easily as breathing. After working so hard, Seth obtained the acknowledgement of the Elementary Fire Godly Way, but it was all for nothing. He could only sigh lightly and with a face heavy with sadness, he turned his head and left the Consulting God Hall.

In spite of all Seth's experience in the world, he was still deeply shocked and disappointed inside.

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