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   Chapter 2189 Absorb

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Two blazing circles continued to revolve within Zen's eyes.

During this process, the previously disordered internal momentum began to settle within him and he felt a sense of enlightenment sink into the depths of his soul.

At that moment, Zen felt as if he was able to see the true meaning of the Purple Aura Godly Way!


"The Purple Aura Godly Way is not consummate because the woman who carved this Godly Way Tablet did not cultivate it up to the consummate stage. Actually, even if she did reach the consummate level, displaying all of her comprehension on the tablet may not have been what she wanted!"

Zen judged in an instant.

Each of the three thousand Godly Ways was completely different. The Grand Purple Aura Technique could create a myriad of sword arrays and transform into several extremely powerful true spirits. Its final level meant it could transform into a Purple Sky Land!

However, the description for the Purple Sky Land remained incomplete.

"If I want to gain complete enlightenment of the Grand Purple Aura Technique, I'll need to find a complete Godly Way Tablet... I didn't expect that with this Infinity Ruler, I could actually see through the internal momentum and figure out the essence of the Grand Purple Aura Technique. This..."

Previously, he had been perplexed as to how to use the Infinity Ruler but now, he was finally able to appreciate its extraordinary ability. Even if the treasures of the divine land were still a bit of a foreign concept to Zen, he knew very well that this Infinity Ruler was extraordinary.

The light of the Infinity Ruler gradually dimmed down as it returned to its original state. However, it was slightly different from before.

A small dot appeared on a scale in the middle of the ruler. Zen took a closer look and discovered a faint, purple light that flowed through the center of the dot—the essence of the internal momentum!

"This ruler... has absorbed the Purple Aura Godly Way?" he remarked in surprise.

Zen once again examined the jade ruler, carefully counting the scales from beginning to end. He was able to get a number: three thousand scales.

In short, this jade ruler was meant to contain the three thousand Godly Ways.

Once the light disappeared, so did the two blazing rings in Zen's eyes.

The internal momentum that Zen had initially disturbed became silent and orderly once again.

Wanting to test his hypothesis quickly, the young man had no plans in staying there any longer. He immediately set out to leave but, just as he turned his head, a dark-purple pillar of light shot out from the top of the Godly Way Tablet and headed straight for the ceiling of the Consulting God Hall.

A purple halo e

hing aura.

The Elementary Fire Godly Way...

This was the origin of all strange flames in the world and the purest form of fire.

With the Elementary Fire Godly Way, one would be able to comprehend all kinds of mysterious flames.

There were already three proving godly warriors on the stairs of this Godly Way Tablet and one of them was ranked second on the great list—Seth.

The young man's eyes flashed when he saw Zen climb up the stairs. He then began to wonder whether Zen wanted to be acknowledged by the second Godly Way Tablet.

Normally, so long as one was acknowledged by a Godly Way Tablet then that person would automatically gain the qualifications to enter the Heavenly Han House. It was quite rare for a warrior to be acknowledged by two Godly Way Tablets. Only four warriors had accomplished such a feat in history.

Now, it seemed Zen was planning to do the same.

Unknown to Seth, this wasn't exactly Zen's intended goal. The young man didn't just want to be acknowledged by mere two Godly Way Tablets. If he was given enough time, Zen had every intention of letting all three hundred Godly Way Tablets be absorbed in the Infinity Ruler!

Seth and the others made way for Zen the moment they saw him climb up the stairs.

Seeing this, the other proving godly warriors all stopped comprehending and watched Zen intently.

"Huff, huff..."

Just like what happened with the Purple Aura Godly Way, the moment Zen climbed, the internal momentum immediately surged towards him. This time, it came in the form of numerous fire birds.

These flames were formed by the internal momentum and were capable of burning the soul. If one's soul was weak, then it would be incinerated in an instant.

However, Zen was not afraid at all and allowed the fire birds to flow into his mind...

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