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   Chapter 2188 Infinity Ruler

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Ever since Zen stepped into the divine city, he had been extremely cautious.

Since the Emotion Closing Godly Way was classified as a forbidden Godly Way, Zen wouldn't use it randomly, nor would he use it in the presence of a large crowd.

When he had used his spiritual will to form a soul attack in the Brilliant Moon Restaurant, Zen had also erased the sharp aura within his soul—it could only be called the enhanced version of the Spiritual Thorn.

In the face of this sword array attack forming from the internal momentum, Zen did not dodge—he instead allowed the sword shadows to enter his mind.

When these sword shadows gathered within his mind and formed into a sword array, the small golden swords on the surface of Zen's soul instantly radiated with boundless light. As the strands of golden light reverberated in his mind, they shattered all the sword shadows.

The eyes were the windows to the soul. While the golden light of his soul flashed, Zen had already closed his eyes and covered it within his mind.

When he opened his eyes again, everything had returned to normal.

The scene left May flabbergasted—she thought that Zen had some sort of precious treasures that could protect his soul, letting him forego dodging. Judging from Zen's innate talent and performance, it was highly possible.

Never did she expect Zen to lack such a thing. But instead, he allowed the sword array from the internal momentum's pressure to pierce his mind.

Just as she worried about Zen taking mental damage, he had already regained his composure and had taken another step as if nothing even happened.

"No wonder the old man from the Floating Island thinks so highly of him," May murmured. As she thought about her own fate, she couldn't help but sigh.

Zen didn't know May was so sentimental—as he continued climbing, the pressure from the internal momentum began turning into all sorts of things, disappearing into Zen's mind one by one.

There were nine-floor purple pagodas, ten thousand giant swords, and a two-headed serpent. The materialized purple mist had turned into everything, but no matter what shape it took, they were all materialized from the pressure of the internal momentum—their power couldn't have been too far off from each other.

As these things drilled into his mind, Zen couldn't help but close his eyes and kill them with his soul pressure once again.

But there were simply too many of them. Waves after waves of attacks flowed into his mind and Zen only shut his eyes tightly and used his spiritual sense to figure out his surroundings. He then continued to climb the stairs and quicken his pace.

There were over a hundred steps under each Godly Way Tablets. Most proving godly warriors could only stay on the 50th to 60th steps, like May, who stood on the 52nd step. If she advanced, the pressure on her would m

om the internal momentum began fluctuating frantically.

"Ah, what's going on?!"

Standing on the stairs, May was surprised at the scene.

Although Zen's actions were strange, May was still working hard on her own comprehension—she was hurrying to comprehend the internal momentum on the Godly Way Tablet, so she paid little attention to Zen.

But now, Zen glared at the Godly Way Tablet with blazing eyes, turning the internal momentum on it into a mess. May was no longer able to comprehend it.

Though Zen didn't want to cause a huge commotion either, the seemingly calm and peaceful Infinity Ruler suddenly turned 'abnormal' in front of the Godly Way Tablet.

At this time, it wasn't only the proving godly warriors who paid attention to Zen—even the leader of the Heavenly Han House and the other True Gods were quietly watching him from a corner. Each and every one of their expressions read 'wonderful.'

"What kind of secrets does this Thad have?!"

"That fellow's eyes... It seems to be the Fire God Eyes?"

"They're definitely not the Fire God Eyes! Otherwise, how could he have messed up the internal momentum on the Godly Way Tablet? The Grand Purple Aura Technique's Godly Way Tablet was personally crafted by Joy Han. The internal momentum within is much deeper than the internal momentum of other Godly Way Tablets."

Joy was a True God at the consummation level. In addition to Han Clan's Holy Emperor, there was also a Demi-holy Being called Joy in this clan. While the Purple Sky Land she created wasn't as big as a universe, it had made her strength much greater than other True Gods at the same level.

But the internal momentum on the Godly Way Tablet had already turned into a mess—the purple characters were showing signs of crumbling and the deepest comprehension hidden within the internal momentum had turned into a purple light before quietly entering Zen's eyes.

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