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   Chapter 2187 Purple Aura Godly Way

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The Godly Way Tablets in the Consulting God Hall were arranged in an equidistant manner.

The closer one was to the Godly Way Tablets, the greater the impact they felt from the internal momentum. They were also able to communicate with the tablets better.

Getting too close was a problem though. The internal momentum could get too much and injure the person. Proving godly warriors were vigilant in maintaining a safe, proper distance to these things to make sure that the internal momentum was within the limit that they could handle.

Most of the proving godly warriors' souls were at the same level but the steps in front of the Godly Way Tablets were narrow and the space was quite limited. Thus, the good spots were usually already taken by those who had come earlier, while those who came later could only take the places that were further to the Godly Way Tablets.

Zen followed the winding road, passing through several Godly Way Tablets and seeing a few other proving godly warriors gathered on the steps before those tablets.

The proving godly warrior named Zane stood in front of the sixth Godly Way Tablet on the right.

The words on the tablet emitted a faint blue light and radiated a sharp chill.

The chill didn't seem overwhelming, but Zane who stood beneath the tablet looked pale. He shivered with his teeth practically chattering as a layer of white frost engulfed his body.

"Snow Godly Way..."

Zen shook his head. This wasn't the Godly Way he was looking for.

He cultivated the Emotion Closing Godly Way but since that was classified as forbidden within the divine land, then he figured that it might be difficult to find it within the Consulting God Hall. In fact, the number of Godly Ways here only took up around ten percent of the three thousand Godly Ways in the divine land.

However, since he was already here, Zen figured that he might as well broaden his horizons. He wanted to see just how profound the internal momentum that the top-level True Gods comprehended was.

The deeper into the Consulting God Hall he went, the fewer proving godly warriors he saw.

Godly Way Tablets placed near the entrance were the ones that most people cultivated. The deeper one went, the more obscure the Godly Ways were. These were usually the ones that were of the same power as other Godly Ways but more difficult to comprehend, thus leading to their unpopularity.

Not long after, Zen finally found himself in front of a Godly Way Tablet.

This tablet emitted a strange, purple mist that transformed into various, unique shapes. Horses galloped around the tablet, eagles screeched and flew, and purple sword images constantly evolved into a myriad of sword arrays.

Zen's brow furrowed at the sight. "This aura…."

He was very fam

Godly Way?"

"Isn't the Purple Aura Godly Way only cultivated by women?"

"No, that's not completely right… There's also a couple of men who possess the Purple Power Body," someone interjected. "However, they're pretty rare. Most of them are eunuchs."

The warriors were all bewildered...

A person who possessed a Purple Power Body emitted an aura different from ordinary warriors. The white-robed woman, for example, was the eldest daughter of the Xue Clan of the Six-Burden Region. The Xue Clan was only a third-tier clan but May, the woman, had already managed to reach the 41st rank by relying on her special physique.

However, the other warriors had already seen Zen and knew it was impossible for him to possess a Purple Power Body.

Zen wasn't quite aware of the attention his actions had gotten. There was quite a distance between each Godly Way Tablet so he didn't really hear what the other people were saying.

Once the light from the Snow Godly Way disappeared, Zen shifted his gaze away and continued climbing up.

May had previously tried to dissuade him from going up further but she understood that he was someone far stronger than her. If he insisted on pushing forward, then she naturally wouldn't be able to stop him.

As Zen continued to climb, he got ever closer to the Godly Way Tablet. As he did so, the purple mist that lingered around the tablet began to stir and surge.

"Hooo... hooo... hooo..."

The auras churned and transformed into dozens of sharp sword shadows, forming an ingenious sword array that shot towards Zen.

"Be careful..." May warned. She was well aware of Zen's power but being cautious never hurt anyone. The number of geniuses who perished due to their arrogance was way too high.

However, when the sword array came towards him, Zen didn't show any intention of dodging at all.

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