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   Chapter 2186 Imitated Godly Way Tablets

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The moment Zen took a few steps forward, he suddenly heard a set of loud footsteps behind him. It was Seth, who was ranked third.

The third-placer's face was full of doubt as he scanned Zen's calm face, despite Zane being ahead of him.

When he passed by Zen, both of them looked at each other. He smiled politely at Zen and then quickly left.

He was known as a steady and sensible man. He didn't have much of an opinion on Zen, but he knew not to provoke the other warrior. At the very least, he had to act courteous even on just the surface. Furthermore, they had to rely on only themselves in the Consulting God Hall. It was also why he didn't need to remind Zen the way Zane did.

After all of the warriors entered the Consulting God Hall, they were led to a small downward slope. Zen moved neither fast nor slow, so other proving godly warriors who were ranked a bit lower than him surpassed him one by one.

Those proving godly warriors were the elites of the great clans, but they didn't dare to offend Zen either when they passed by him. They secretly mocked Zen and his slow, leisurely pace in their minds, but they didn't say anything. They thought that he had wasted his advantage, even though he had won first place.

"The Heavenly Han House has inherited the Han Clan's heritage, so it is impossible to even underestimate it.

Sadly, it's a pity that because the Han Clan doesn't manage its sub-branches well, they haven't accomplished anything in years," Master Evil lamented while Zen looked around the Consulting God Hall.

The hall had been built a long time ago, but the carvings on the walls were still as impressive as ever. They were grand and majestic, decorated with all kinds of legends. There were patterns of the immortal birds constructing a rainbow bridge, and the Creating Axe used to separate the heaven from earth.

"When someone of the Han Clan becomes a Holy Being, they will surely transfer all the outstanding warriors of their family to the Floating Island, and only the sub-branches will be left. What can the sub-branches accomplish then?" Zen asked curiously.

"The Han Clan doesn't care about its sub-branches. I've once traveled to the ancestral lands of other great clans in the divine land, and found that they're in a much better situation than the Han Clan."

Generally speaking, some of the ancestral lands were still under the care of their clans. In some cases, with the accumulations of ancestral lands, their members could become Holy Beings. However, the Han Clan didn't think the same. They looked down on the proving godly warriors who took part in the test of the Heavenly Han House, and even Master Evil.

"Look at how the owner of the Heavenly Han House treats you," Master Evil continued. "You're like a life-saving straw to him." "It looks like it won't be long. They won't even wait until you master the Godly Way before they hurriedly recommend you to the Floating Island," he added.

Although Master Evil hadn't actually spoken mu

total of 327 imitations of Godly Way Tablets in the Consulting God Hall.

Now, the Godly Way Tablets were constructed in their current location not to allow them to comprehend the internal momentum contained within them. Many proving godly warriors had observed the Godly Way Tablets for a hundred years, but might not be able to comprehend the internal momentum. Therefore, any proving godly warrior who was acknowledged by the imitations of Godly Way Tablets could join the Heavenly Han House.

Such a request seemed simple, but only a few people could actually do it. A maximum of twenty people succeeded every year. The Heavenly Han House had conducted a big test this year, so it might be more than twenty people--but it was not expected to exceed thirty.

"This is the tablet of the Five Elements Godly Way," Zen said. He stepped forward and looked up at the first Godly Way Tablet in awe.

Just as he looked at it, he felt a strong sense of internal momentum of five elements from the tablet.

The Five Elements Godly Way was one of the most widely cultivated Godly Ways in the divine land. Many proving godly warriors had already begun to climb up the stairs, and the higher they climbed, the stronger the pressure of internal momentum they faced. Currently, there were more than a dozen warriors on the stairs. All of them climbed upwards slowly and silently in order to obtain a better position.

However, the quietness was disturbed when someone shouted, "Get out of my way!"

The voice came from a warrior who pushed another warrior in his way. The steps were extremely narrow and could only accommodate one person. When everyone had reached their limits, they all had to fight for the same position. Thus, it was no surprise when a dispute arose.

When Zen saw the scene, he only shook his head and continued to walk forward. He wasn't too interested in the Five Elements Godly Way. Besides, it wasn't easy to travel to the place, so he wanted to see the other Godly Way Tablets.

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